Tesla Model 3 EV retested after damning safety feport

2017 saw sales of electric vehicles soar by 25% compared to 2016. It’s Tesla that leads the way in the EV industry, shifting more than 50,000 units last year. In May, the Tesla Model 3 failed to receive a recommendation from Consumer Reports after multiple issues were found on the sedan. However, the American magazine later agreed to re-test the vehicle and gave the automobile its recommendation. This is no doubt a relief for the multinational corporation following recent Tesla Model 3 controversy.


One of the most significant findings that came from the original test conducted by Consumer Reports was that there was an issue with the braking distance. Their tests revealed that the stopping distance of the Model 3 was a hefty 152 feet from 60 mph. This was revealed to be the worst stopping distance the publication had ever recorded on a modern vehicle and was the ultimate finding that prevented a recommendation being given. Consumer Reports also criticized the model’s controls as everything is operated via a touch screen. This resulted in the final report on the Tesla Model 3 concluding that driver distraction would be high as a result of the sedan’s design. “This layout forces drivers to take multiple steps to accomplish simple tasks,” the report stated.


Following the critical report, shares in Tesla dropped more than 3%. Tesla’s immediate response regarding the poor braking distance results was to state that that the testing was impacted by environmental temperatures, road conditions and past driving behavior. However, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, soon advised that the braking issue on the Model 3 could be fixed via a simple firmware update which was implemented within a week of the first report being published.


The re-test revealed that the Tesla Model 3 had a braking distance of 133 feet from 60 mph. This was an improvement of 19 feet and in line with the stopping distance of similar vehicles. As a result of the new findings, Consumer Reports gave the Tesla EV their recommendation. Before offering any vehicle their recommendation, Consumer Reports carry out extensive tests to ensure that any vehicle on the market is safe to drive and offers good value for money to consumers, so recommendations are sought after by all car manufacturers.

The Tesla Model 3 look set to become the country’s leading electric vehicle. Thankfully, after poor findings were found following initial testing of the vehicle, Tesla acted quickly to resolve the issue and a positive outcome was achieved.

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