Tesla owners drive a Model S P85D 453 miles on a single charge

Talk about good press: Two Norwegian Tesla Model S P85D owners — including a YouTube personality who proclaimed himself as the winner of the Model X Founder Series contest — racked up 452.8 miles on the sedan, setting what may be a longest distance drive record.

The Model S has an EPA-certified rating of 253 miles per change, but Tesla owners have managed to get more through “hypermiling,” which is known as a “common hobby among Tesla owners” to boost the car’s mileage efficiency, according to Tech Insider.

The catch? They creeped along at a mere 24.2 miles per hour and stuck signs on the back of the car saying “SLOW” and “TEST.” The European enthusiasts drove from Rodekro, Denmark – and back – for 18 hours 40 minutes, alternating shifts behind the wheel.

Tesla Motors honcho Elon Musk defiitely wasn’t out of the loop on this feat – which may not be an official world record, but still isn’t too shabby. He retweeted the video posted by Bjørn Nyland, one of the drivers.

CFB readers may recall Nyland: he is the guy who proclaimed to have recruited 10 new Tesla buyers, which would entitle him to a complimentary Tesla Model X Founder Series in the company’s challenge to owners. Nyland has more than 13,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors

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