Challenge accepted: Tesla offers free Model X for 10 referrals, nets possible winner


Dangle the possibility of a free Tesla Model X – a limited edition “Founder Series” one at that – and a Model S owner can apparently convince 10 strangers (ok, friends and family) to open up their wallets to scoop up the new all-electric SUV for themselves.

This is no farfetched marketing scheme – it’s very real and a part of Tesla’s strategy to address its inability to bypass the car dealer franchise system in the U.S. in lieu of its preferred direct-sales approach.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced his company’s first incentive program last month amid reports that Tesla is losing about $4,000 per car, with $2,000 of that sum chalked up to what it costs to sell it.

Musk essentially asked current Tesla owners to become insta-evangelists, creating a ‘space race’ of sorts – with the first person to refer 10 new Tesla buyers receiving a Model X along with financial incentives.

According to Business Insider, Bjorn Nyland of Norway has claimed to have met the challenge. He tweeted  Musk, who acknowledged him and is essentially awaiting confirmation to make sure Nyland isn’t bluffing.

Nyland is a YouTube “celebrity” who reached the mark just “days after posting a video seeking referrals to his channel, which currently has more than 13,000 subscribers,” BI reported.

As far as the financial incentives, they may not be as good as a free car, but they aren’t too shabby either: Tesla announced it will pay current owners $1,000 in Tesla Credits for every new customer and another $1,000 discount on their own cars.

Virginia is the only state where the new buyer is due both $1,000 incentives.

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors

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