Tesla P85D announced! AWD, dual motors & 691 hp

Tesla P85D

Tesla, once a struggling player in the niche market of electric cars has suddenly grounded its roots for the long hall. First the Roadster was put into production and at last we began to take notice of what electric-powered sports cars are like. More recently, the Model S was announced with a step above the competition in design, features, luxury and performance and lets be honest we all love it! Finally, after years of grumblings of a new model from the Tesla factory, tonight October 9, 2014 @ 7 p.m. Pacific the Model D was announced.

Tesla Model D:

This all-wheel-drive version of the Model S boasts a faster acceleration and better performance and handling. You can expect three configurations of the Model D with titles as 60D, 85D and P85D. The P85D is the top-of-the-line model within the trio of the new motor and can expect availability in December, with the 85D and 60D to follow in February.

The P85D:

Offers a two motor configuration with one in the front and one in the rear for an impressive 691 hp and a staggering 687 lb.-ft. of torque. Having this configuration also helps with weight distribution and balance. Mated with an all-new all-wheel drive system helps boost performance and efficiency with a 0-60 mph time in just 3.2 second all while boosting range an extra 10 miles per charge.

85D & 60D:

Offers the same front and rear motor configuration, which offers 188 hp at both ends for a total output of 376 hp. A range capacity of 295 miles for the 85D and 225 miles for the 60D respectively.


The Model D will have cameras and sensors that assist the driver and acts like an autopilot. The car uses 360 degree sonar and cameras to keep watch for traffic and obstacles. This new semi-autonomous driving system boasts that the Tesla will stop when traffic stops and if you desire to change lanes you can do so by simply turning on your indicator. This feature is called Indicator Stalk. Once engaged the car will sense if it is clear and go ahead and switch lanes. But what if the coast isn’t clear? The car will provide feedback via the steering wheel to inform you. Tesla believes incorporating these safety and innovative features further distinguishes the brand and separates Tesla Motors from the norm. Elon Musk (Creator of Tesla Motors) believes this is a positive step toward a complete autonomous car driving experience.


Yes breaks. A new breaking setup using electromechanical breaks instead of a vacuum break booster which used to be the standard. It’s a spring and electric motor setup, which does well with the autopilot mode. The new system can detect if you need a soft stop or aggressive track-like stopping power and will apply the force as needed. Some enthusiasts are worried about break feel and Tesla says they can resolve that by simply adjusting the break feel to the driver’s specifications. The Porsche 918 hypercar is the only other car known to incorporate this breaking system.


Top Speed:

60D: 125 mph
85D: 155 mph
P85D: 155 mph

0–60 mph Acceleration:

60D: 5.7 sec (vs 5.9 sec)
85D: 5.2 sec (vs 5.4 sec)
P85D: 3.2 sec (vs 4.2 sec)

Quarter Mile Times:

60D: 14 sec (vs 14.2 sec)
85D: 13.5 sec (vs 13.7 sec)
P85D: 11.8 sec (vs 12.6 sec)


60D: 362 lb.-ft.
85D: 362 lb.-ft.
P85D: 687 lb.-ft.

Electric Motor Output:

60D: 376 hp
85D: 376 hp
P85D: 691 hp

Battery Range:

60D: 225 miles (vs 215 miles)
85D: 295 miles (vs 285 miles)
P85D: 275 miles (vs 285 miles)

Photo Credit: Road & Track

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