So you want to buy a motorcycle?

Exchanging four wheels for two and buying a motorcycle is a thrilling and high-octane time for anybody. But just like any purchase, you must make sure it’s something that you want to do, rather than a fleeting spark you’ve discovered after watching Easy Rider one too many times.

Riding a motorcycle is not like owning or driving a car, and while it’s inevitable that you’ll look much cooler in your bike than you would in your 2006 Honda Civic, this isn’t all you need to worry about. You may feel you have your heart set on a motorcycle, but you’ve got to make sure you know what you’re getting into. 


Like any other vehicle, a motorcycle will demand maintenance to ensure you can keep it up and running without any issues. But if you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, you may not know where to begin. 

Because of this, it’s worth researching essential motorcycle maintenance even before you get on the road for the first time. You may also need to replace parts after buying it to make it more comfortable to ride and enhancing safety. You may never need to carry out significant repairs, but you should know how to do so.


Staying safe on a motorcycle is essential, and you do not have the protections that you have in a car. You are exposed to the elements and other vehicles while on the road. 

To avoid motorcycle accidents, you should ensure you know how to ride a motorcycle. But that’s just the beginning. Proper protective equipment, such as motorcycle leathers and a helmet are crucial. It’s also vital that you resist the urge to go too fast, ride sensibly, and keep yourself and others safe. 


Depending on which state you live in, there will be varying laws that you need to understand before climbing on your motorcycle for the first time. These laws will include everything from your gear to the size of the bike, as well as noise and headlights. Many people have a negative opinion about motorcyclists anyway, so make sure you don’t give them an excuse by showing that you understand the law correctly. 


A new bike won’t have the potential repairs that used bikes have, but they are more expensive. Likewise, new bikes also don’t have the character that used ones do. If you’re sure you will ride for the rest of your life, it’s worth investing in a brand new model. However, if you are unsure, then go used, as you will still be able to sell it quickly, and there is not as much of a financial commitment. 


Purchasing a motorcycle for the first time can seem like an intimidating but ultimately exciting time. But, you don’t want all this excitement to evaporate when you realize that you don’t know how to fix it or even ride it. As with any significant purchase, be sure to do your research and dedicate yourself to learning how everything works, how to stay safe, and which type of motorcycle is right for you. 

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