Rumored Subaru BRZ STI pics are actually of BRZ tS

The internet rumor mill went into overdrive this weekend as three photos of what appeared to be Subaru’s much-ballyhooed, turbocharged sports car BRZ STI circulated.

Turns out the pics were taken at a festival in Japan and are actually of a Subaru BRZ tS – a decidedly less powerful, yet still tuned model – that happens to bear STI badges. The acronym stands for the company’s in-house performance division: Subaru Tecnica International.

Since the BRZ STI concept was unveiled at the 2011 LA Auto Show, rumors of a production car with a turbocharger to boost the existing 2.0-liter flat-4 engine with 200 hp have swirled nonstop.

At this point, Subaru’s plans to produce a BRZ STI remain unknown and subject to speculation.

The website 7tune did away with guesswork in a report and also posted that the Subaru BRZ tS features upgraded brakes, suspension and body – yet the same engine. A previous report from Auto Express suggested the modifications could raise power up to 220 hp or even 230 hp.

No official specs have been released via the STI website to date. The STI badges in the photos are apparently what threw everyone off. It’s good to do away with the rumors.

Photo Credit: Subaru Tecnica International

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