Ford seeks patent for auto-opening doors triggered by proximity sensors

Ford has submitted a patent application for doors that use power activation, designed to open automatically as someone approaches the vehicle. Published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on March 19, the application outlines the use of electric motors for door operation and cameras for identifying authorized users.

Facial recognition technology integrated into cameras would determine the identity of individuals approaching the vehicle and ascertain whether they are attempting to gain entry. This identification process involves analyzing the person’s gait and comparing it with acceleration data from their phone or key fob.

The patent’s scope extends beyond doors to include features such as trunks, rear hatches, and EV frunks, all of which could incorporate the same technology for user identification and automated access. While this innovation may not be groundbreaking, it aligns with existing trends like motion-activated tailgates seen in many mainstream SUVs.

Although Ford has not provided specific reasons for patenting these automated door systems, enhanced convenience is likely a significant factor. Building on the pushbutton-close doors found in some luxury vehicles, this advancement represents a natural progression in automotive technology.

Given its emphasis on luxury and technological sophistication, such a system might find a more suitable home within the Lincoln brand rather than under the broader Ford umbrella. Lincoln’s strategic shift toward electric vehicles (EVs) and efforts to streamline its dealership network indicate a commitment to future-forward automotive innovation.

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