2024’s McLaren P1 successor: Gullwing doors, V-8 hybrid expected

McLaren’s upcoming successor to the P1 hypercar, set for release later this year, will feature gullwing doors and a V-8-based plug-in hybrid powertrain, promising even more power than its predecessor’s 903 hp. Unlike the P1, this new model marks a departure from McLaren’s traditional butterfly doors.

The new P18 from McLaren’s Ultimate Series will introduce roof-mounted gullwing doors, diverging from the brand’s customary design seen in models like the Speedtail grand tourer and Elva speedster. This expansion of McLaren’s lineup showcases a shift in door design.

McLaren’s forthcoming hypercar, slated for a 2026 release, will enter the market alongside Porsche’s electric hypercar and existing models from Lotus, Pininfarina, and Rimac. However, McLaren postpones its electric hypercar plans due to concerns about current EV technology’s suitability for sustained racetrack performance.

Automotive News reports on advancements including a 70% lighter hybrid system, a newly developed carbon-fiber tub, and recessed headlights reminiscent of the Artura and 750S supercars. Despite its accolades, McLaren positions the Speedtail as the true successor to the iconic F1, rather than the P1.

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