Apple scraps decade-long Apple Car venture

Apple has halted its secretive project to construct a self-driving electric vehicle, a significant effort spanning over a decade in the company’s history. Executives notified teams involved in Apple’s Project Titan that hundreds of employees dedicated to the car project will transition to divisions focusing on artificial intelligence.

The endeavor to develop an autonomous vehicle at Apple incurred substantial costs, with an estimated workforce of about 2,000 individuals dedicated to the initiative. While some personnel will pivot to AI projects, there’s anticipation of layoffs, although the exact extent remains uncertain.

Apple has refrained from providing comments, and Bloomberg initially broke the news about the project’s termination, citing challenges in self-driving technology and a decelerating electric vehicle market. The prospect of Apple entering the automotive industry intrigued observers, including auto industry leaders and avid Apple enthusiasts.

Despite the excitement, analysts projected that Apple was still years away from introducing its own vehicle, with engineers conducting tests on public roads for some time. Initially, Apple explored the concept of a vehicle without traditional controls, such as a steering wheel or pedals, before abandoning the idea due to technological limitations.

Although Apple never officially confirmed its self-driving vehicle project, analysts speculated on a potential price point around $100,000, positioning it as a competitor to certain Tesla models. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, seemingly welcomed Apple’s decision to wind down its car project, expressing his sentiments through a social media post featuring a saluting emoji and a cigarette.

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