Unique Lamborghini ‘Opera Unica’ takes 435 hours for custom paint job

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, the automaker launched the exclusive Revuelto Opera Unica at Art Basel Miami Beach this week. This unique model emerged from Lamborghini’s personalized Opera Unica program, a step beyond the traditional aftermarket customization route.

Crafted meticulously, the Revuelto Opera Unica boasts a hand-applied paint finish transitioning from Viola Pasifae (purple) to Nero Helene (black), accentuated by nuanced brushstroke details. A staggering 435 hours were dedicated to this intricate painting process, ensuring factory-level precision.

Extending its bespoke touch, the cabin underwent a 220-hour transformation. Mirroring the exterior’s purple-to-black palette, the interior features the same hues, punctuated by 60th anniversary logos and artistic brushstroke elements, notably adorning the starter button.

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