Tesla Cybertruck Beast Mode and accessories exposed in app leak prior to launch

Ahead of its Thursday launch, a sneak peek into Tesla’s Cybertruck accessories, including two wheel choices, the “Beast Mode,” and a Base Camp attachment, surfaced through Tesla App Updates on X.

Elon Musk’s talk with Joe Rogan hinted at the Cybertruck’s mind-blowing acceleration in “Beast Mode,” slated to premiere on the highest trim level, with detailed specs anticipated to debut during the launch event.

Among the leaked accessories, a protective Base Camp attachment, doubling as a roof for campers, and a “tent mattress” will likely spotlight the Cybertruck’s versatility, reinforcing its potential as an optimal camping vehicle.

The Cybertruck offers three wheel options: Standard, available in 18 and 20-inch, and the Premium variant, consistent with Tesla’s trend of providing diverse yet functional and sporty wheel designs.

Notably, initial mentions of accessories include a light bar, possibly among a lineup of upcoming Cybertruck add-ons, broadening the vehicle’s appeal for those interested in rugged terrain and pickups.

Following the livestreamed delivery event, the anticipated options for light bars and other accessories teased through the app’s coding will likely be available for purchase on Tesla’s website.

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