Recent footage reveals Cybertruck facing challenges while off-roading

A set of Instagram videos display Cybertrucks engaging in off-road activities, notably depicting one struggling on a steep uphill slope and navigating turns on sandy terrain in three separate clips.

Marketed by Elon Musk as an apocalypse-ready vehicle with its supposedly bulletproof stainless steel exterior and optional fixed bulletproof glass windows, the Cybertruck faces challenges in off-road scenarios, as seen in a video where it spins its wheels and screeches on a dirt hill before eventually overcoming the obstacle.

During off-road testing at Hollister Hills, a California vehicular recreation area, a caption in the Instagram post mentions three Cybertrucks being put to the test, with onlookers demonstrating off-roading prowess using a Jeep. A subsequent video shows a 1946 Jeep CJ-2A effortlessly conquering the same hill where the Cybertruck struggled, prompting a comment about the Tesla’s apparent breakdown.

In another video from the same location, a different Cybertruck is seen grappling with the hill climb as the driver adjusts the vehicle in an attempt to ascend, leaving the outcome unknown as the video concludes.

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