Lucid’s Gravity SUV starts at $80k, offering a range of 440 miles

During the 2023 LA auto show, Lucid revealed the Lucid Gravity, a three-row electric crossover SUV set to launch in late 2024, boasting a driving range of over 440 miles for its most efficient models and a targeted retail price below $80,000.

Constructed on an innovative foundation and featuring a battery unit similar to the Air, boasting a capacity exceeding 100 kWh, the Gravity integrates Lucid’s advanced 900-volt electrical system. In its initial configuration, the vehicle will be outfitted with a dual-motor powertrain, ensuring all-wheel drive through the inclusion of an electric motor on each axle.

Expected within the product range are the Sapphire models, which include a single-motor rear-wheel-drive option and a tri-motor all-wheel-drive variant. While the precise power specifications for the next-generation motors have not been revealed, the Gravity showcases remarkable acceleration, achieving 0-60 mph in under 3.5 seconds.

Lucid provides several assurances about the Gravity model, highlighting its capability to achieve a range increase of 200 miles within a mere 15-minute charging period. Additionally, the SUV features optional air suspension, adaptive dampers, a payload capacity of 1,600 pounds, and a towing capability reaching up to 6,000 pounds.

The Gravity model, reminiscent of the Air sedan in design, embodies the Lucid aesthetic while standing out with a heightened roofline and an extended hood merging into the front bumper. Featuring mid-bumper high beams beneath Air-inspired horizontal LED headlights and a sleek LED taillight strip on the clamshell tailgate, it notably diverges from the previously unveiled 2022 Gravity concept.

During production, the roofline was tapered and equipped with an integrated spoiler extending from the rear C-pillar to improve aerodynamics significantly. Lucid’s goal for the Gravity is to become the most efficient three-row EV available, aiming for a drag coefficient of 0.23, notably lower than the initial estimate of 0.24, prior to its production launch.

Similar to the Air’s overall design, the charge port door of the Gravity remains situated on the front driver-side fender, although it lacks power operation. In response to feedback from Air owners, a spring-loaded design has been implemented, allowing the door to flip up and to the left for user convenience.

While sharing internal similarities with the Air, the Gravity introduces distinctive features. The previous configuration of three separate displays under a single sheet of glass has been replaced by a singular 34-inch curved OLED display positioned atop the dashboard. Addressing previous concerns about obstructed views, the steering wheel has been redesigned to incorporate two haptic touchpads.

In contrast to the Air’s portrait-style touchscreen, the Gravity features a 12.6-inch horizontal touchscreen with Lucid’s upgraded operating system, showcasing enhanced processors and electrical architecture. Core elements such as physical buttons and knobs are retained, with the addition of two programmable hard toggles for user-friendly control.

While each Gravity model can accommodate seven passengers across three rows, Lucid is currently developing a six-seater variant with second-row captain’s chairs. However, this option will not be available at the initial launch.

The Gravity’s practical design is highlighted by its cargo versatility, featuring a false floor that conceals space with the third row in place and the ability to transport lengthy items when both the second and third rows are folded, accommodating items such as a 7.5-foot cargo or an 8-foot surfboard diagonally.

Adaptable seating configurations are a key feature of the SUV, with the third row folding in a 50:50 split and the second row in 40:20:40 sections, contributing to a total cargo capacity of 112 cubic feet, inclusive of the 7.0-cubic foot front trunk.

Lucid prioritizes safety in the Gravity models, incorporating features like automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitors, and the DreamDrive Pro system for hands-free driver assistance. For added convenience, an optional bench accessory transforms the frunk into a seat with cup holders, catering to diverse user needs.

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