Karma introduces lightning-fast Kaveya electric sports car with sub-3s 0-60 acceleration

Introduced at a gathering hosted at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel last Saturday, the upcoming Karma Kaveya is poised to debut in the final quarter of 2025. Reflecting a poetic spirit through its Sanskrit-inspired name, the Kaveya radiates the allure of a high-end grand touring coupe.

This cutting-edge automobile is built on a fresh electric platform designed for a powerful 120-kWh battery, guaranteeing a travel range of over 250 miles, as officially stated by the manufacturer. The company is introducing two distinct powertrain choices: a first rear-wheel-drive model with 536 horsepower and a subsequent all-wheel-drive version with an impressive 1,180 horsepower.

Scheduled for release soon, the latter is slated to begin its sales journey in the fourth quarter of 2026. The Kaveya asserts itself in the realm of high performance, pledging a swift acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in less than three seconds, a maximum speed of 180 mph, and an aimed weight of around 5,300 pounds.

In the pursuit of the specified curb weight, the vehicle integrates carbon-fiber body panels as a deliberate choice. Details critical to the project, including pricing and the selected production facility, are currently undisclosed.

Karma operates a manufacturing plant in Moreno Valley, California, a potential production site for its limited-edition electric sedan, the Gyesera, set to release in the fourth quarter of 2024 with production limited to a select few thousand units.

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