Matte black vinyl wrap reveals Tesla Cybertruck’s potential as factory finish

A recent sighting at a Teslas & Coffee event in Santa Monica, California showcased a surprising twist in the Tesla Cybertruck’s appearance—a sleek matte black version, deviating from the familiar stainless steel exterior seen in previous prototypes.

Discussions surged around the potential addition of the matte black style as an official factory option, sparked by reports of Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, seen driving the vehicle. The customized Cybertruck showcased a sleek all-black appearance, with the LED daytime running lamp strip serving as a subtle contrast, contributing to its bold and discreet aesthetic.

Though the exact technique used to achieve the matte black makeover has yet to be confirmed, the prevalent speculation suggests a likely application of vinyl wrap, which aligns with Tesla’s recent advancements in the realm of customization. This supposition gains support from Tesla’s introduction of factory wrap options for their Model 3 and Model Y, offering a selection of seven finishes, among them a simple black wrap.

Priced at $7,500, the “Satin Ceramic Black” choice for the Model 3 highlights the potential cost of a comparable wrap for the Cybertruck. However, the appeal of varied color options for the striking Cybertruck is predicted to captivate potential buyers, especially considering the straightforward wrapping process in contrast to the intricate techniques required for specialized stainless steel painting.

Amidst the ongoing speculation, Tesla has yet to provide formal confirmation regarding whether the matte black color on the Cybertruck is a wrap or a paint option intended for the production version. Enthusiasm builds for additional insights on the Cybertruck as the release date of the production model approaches.

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