2023 SEMA debut: Toyota FJ Bruiser pays tribute to the 1966 FJ45 pickup’s design

Toyota recently unveiled the FJ Bruiser, a powerful concept car that pays homage to the 1966 FJ45 pickup truck. This new iteration boasts significant modifications, demonstrating Toyota’s ambition to enhance the toughness of the original FJ45.

In a bid to bolster its durability, Toyota’s Motorsports Garage team constructed a robust full tube frame and roll cage, seamlessly integrated with the vintage FJ body. The vehicle is equipped with a resilient full trailing-arm suspension, featuring Fox shocks and Eibach springs, to support the chassis.

The FJ Bruiser tackles tough off-road terrains with Method Double Standard 20-by-10-inch beadlock wheels and 42-by-14.5 R-20 BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX tires, while its modified 358-cubic-inch NASCAR Cup Car V-8 engine produces a formidable 725 horsepower.

Efficient power transmission to the wheels is facilitated by a three-speed automatic transmission engineered by Rancho Drivetrain Engineering, complemented by a custom MagnaFlow exhaust system for efficient exhaust management. The FJ Bruiser maintains the FJ45’s solid axle, incorporating upgraded front and rear differentials, alongside a new transfer case providing four two-wheel-drive speeds and four four-wheel-drive speeds.

Toyota’s gearing setup allows the Bruiser to crawl at 12 mph at 7000 rpm in the lowest gear and reach speeds of up to 165 mph at 7000 rpm in the highest gear. Additionally, to address potential challenges arising from the vehicle’s high horsepower, the FJ Bruiser features a specialized conveyor belt known as Tank mode, accessible from the cabin, ensuring a seamless driving experience even in demanding situations when tires struggle for traction.

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