Tesla Cybertruck to offer tri-motor variant, exceeding 9,000 pounds in weight

Based on the most recent Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) data released by the NHTSA and unveiled on the Cybertruck Owners Club platform, it has come to light that the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck will feature a Tri-Motor setup and is expected to surpass a weight threshold of 9,000 lbs.

Examining the VIN structure closely, special attention is warranted for digits 6 and 8 within the 17-character sequence. The sixth digit signifies the vehicle’s gross weight rating, denoted by ‘G’ for weights ranging from 8,001 to 9,000 lbs and ‘H’ for weights falling between 9,001 and 10,000 lbs. Additionally, the eighth digit indicates the motor and drive unit, where ‘D’ represents Dual Motor Standard and ‘E’ signifies Tri-Motor Performance, as indicated by the disclosed VIN details.

Enthusiastic anticipation surrounds the imminent delivery of the Cybertruck, scheduled for November 30, marking a four-year interval since its initial debut, a moment eagerly awaited by fans. However, recent reports from an undisclosed source hinted at a departure from the widely anticipated Quad-Motor setup, favoring instead the Tri-Motor configuration akin to the Model S Plaid.

The disclosed VIN data appears to support these reports, underscoring the distinctive attributes of the Cybertruck, particularly its unique higher voltage architecture that distinguishes it from other models within the Tesla lineup.

For context, the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning, classified as a full-size pickup truck, records a curb weight ranging between 6,250 and 7,050 pounds and a gross vehicle weight falling within the 8,250-8,550 pounds bracket, with payload capacities varying from 1,500-2,000 pounds, depending on the specific version. In contrast, its braked towing capacity stands at 7,700-10,000 pounds, notably lower than the projected 14,000 pounds for the Cybertruck.

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