Tesla reveals updated Model 3, formerly codenamed ‘Highland

Tesla recently introduced the European-targeted iteration of its Model 3, previously codenamed “Highland,” with a particular emphasis on enhancing aerodynamic efficiency in its exterior design. While Tesla has not disclosed specific details about the updated drag coefficient, visual materials released by the company reveal significant changes to the front end, including sleeker headlights, refined side contours, and fresh taillight arrangements.

Alongside cosmetic updates, the Model 3 undergoes various enhancements, such as improved tires and wheels, the introduction of two new color options, and interior updates. Maintaining a consistent dashboard layout, it showcases a prominent horizontal touchscreen at its center.

Notably, traditional control stalks, including the gear selector, have been replaced by touchscreen controls, with touch-sensitive pads on the steering wheel handling other functions. The unconventional steering yoke introduced in January 2021 for the Model S and Model X is optional for these models but not for the Model 3.

Interior upgrades encompass ambient lighting, ventilated front seats, heated seating for both front and rear occupants, and an 8.0-inch rear display for climate and entertainment control. The primary touchscreen is now 15.4 inches, with a slimmer bezel, improved sunlight visibility, and enhanced responsiveness.

In addition to these enhancements, Tesla has improved interior materials and incorporated acoustic glass to minimize sound intrusion and wind noise, thereby enhancing the overall audio system experience. However, it remains uncertain which of these features will be available in the U.S. market.

The revised Model 3’s dimensions are 185.8 inches in length, 76.2 inches in width, and 56.7 inches in height, potentially slightly wider than the existing version. It has a curb weight of nearly 3,900 pounds, with increased body rigidity and suspension tuning adjustments.

While Tesla asserts that the European version could potentially achieve a 10 to 12% range improvement thanks to aerodynamic updates, the translation of these improvements to the U.S. model remains uncertain. As for the anticipated EPA range figures, they are expected to be in line with the current Model 3, which is rated at 272 miles in its base configuration and 333 miles in the Long Range variant.

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