2023 Electrified GV70 AWD Prestige

The Genesis brand has solidified its reputation by consistently delivering a harmonious fusion of comfort, sporty characteristics, and a rich assortment of features that provide remarkable value. In the context of the 2023 GV70, it is evident that this vehicle takes this winning formula to new heights. However, it’s important to acknowledge that the luxury small crossover segment is home to several prominent competitors, among them the Acura RDX, Lincoln Nautilus, Alfa Romeo Stelvio, and BMW X3.


The Genesis brand had firmly established its unique design language before introducing the GV70. These design elements seamlessly enhance the GV70’s overall appeal, with one notable aspect being the front end. It is defined by a distinctive patterned grille that cleverly conceals the charging port.

Framed by quad LED headlights, this grille features striking daytime running lights nestled in between. These elegant daytime running lights skillfully direct one’s gaze along a prominent body line, gracefully flowing towards the rear fenders. They mirror the contour of the sloping roofline, which also integrates an integrated spoiler.

Transitioning to the rear of the vehicle reveals quad LED taillights echoing the aesthetics of the front end. These taillights draw attention to twin exhaust pipes, a feature more pronounced in Sport models, lending them a slightly more aggressive appearance. Accentuating its side profile, the GV70 rides on 20-inch alloy wheels. However, an unexpected quarter window along the rear pillar briefly diverts attention from the otherwise harmonious design.

Electrified GV70 models offer a restricted palette of exterior color choices, encompassing black, grey, or silver, which can be matched with either a black or white cabin. In our review, we test drove a vehicle sporting an elegant Makalu Grey exterior, beautifully complemented by a pristine glacier white interior. However, it’s worth noting that while this interior looks lovely, it might pose challenges in terms of maintenance if you have dogs or children.

Aeronautical-inspired design elements are now prevalent in the luxury automobile segment. Nonetheless, Genesis has skillfully integrated these elements into the GV70’s interior, imbuing it with a sense of sophistication. Wing-like elliptical patterns adorn the cabin, embellishing components ranging from the dashboard and steering wheel to the door handles and climate panel.

Achieving a sense of unity, this design seamlessly integrates slim wraparound vents that pay homage to the unique lighting signature of the front end. Enhancing the overall feeling of luxury, a wide, low touchscreen display finds its foundation on the upper dashboard. Particularly noteworthy are the interior materials that exude quality, noticeably absent of the glossy black plastic that often diminishes the ambiance.

Instead, aluminum switchgear and other premium components await you. As a central element of the Prestige Package, priced at $6,800, the EV GV70 presents a compelling selection of luxurious enhancements that can markedly enhance your daily driving experience. Primary among these upgrades is the interior, which boasts sumptuous Nappa leather seating surfaces, adding a touch of luxury to every drive.

This premium material not only enhances visual appeal but also ensures a comfortable and ergonomic seating experience. Furthermore, the Prestige Package augments the interior with a microfiber suede headliner, introducing a tactile and visual richness to the cabin’s atmosphere. This luxurious addition elevates the overall sense of refinement and sophistication.

Additionally, the package offers a substantial upgrade in the form of a 12.3-inch 3D digital instrumental cluster. This represents a significant improvement over the standard 8-inch version, providing an immersive and informative display for essential driving information. With its larger, high-resolution screen, it delivers a wealth of data, enhancing the overall driving experience by making it more engaging and informative.

For audiophiles and music enthusiasts, the Prestige Package also incorporates a Lexicon Premium Audio system. Renowned for its crystal-clear sound quality, this audio system guarantees that your daily commutes are not only comfortable but also acoustically captivating. This rich and immersive audio experience heightens the enjoyment of your favorite tunes while on the road.

Furthermore, an innovative feature known as Active Noise Control elevates the driving experience to the next level. This technology intelligently mitigates external noise and vibrations, creating a serene and peaceful environment within the cabin. It exemplifies a commitment to luxury and innovation, guaranteeing that your daily drives are characterized by an unmatched sense of calm and comfort.


The model we test-drove for a week was the 2023 Electrified GV70 AWD Prestige. This specific variant features a dual-motor configuration, with each motor generating 160 kilowatts. They are strategically positioned at both the front and rear ends of the vehicle. To complement this impressive setup, there’s a 77-kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack.

Together, these power sources pack a significant punch, resulting in 420 horsepower and a robust 516 pound-feet of torque. Efficiently managing this power is a seamless single-gear transmission. Notably, this electric powertrain incorporates an all-wheel-drive system.

Even more remarkable is its fuel efficiency, as validated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In their evaluation, the Genesis GV70 impressively earns a rating of 91 MPG-e in a combined driving cycle. To break it down, it achieves 98 MPG-e on highways and 83 MPG-e in urban conditions, which equates to a consumption rate of 37 kilowatt hours per 100 miles.

Despite the added weight from its electrified components, the Electrified GV70 skillfully maintains the luxurious ride quality expected from vehicles of this caliber. Facilitating this feat is its constantly active electronically controlled suspension system. Consequently, the car radiates a reassuring sense of stability and control, which harmoniously complements its substantial power output.

Although it’s a common trait for electric vehicles to lack robust steering feedback, this model manages to minimize this as a minor drawback. Instead, the regenerative braking system admirably steps in, providing the driver with a tangible connection to the road. Moreover, the electric drivetrain’s exceptional power delivery, featuring rapid acceleration and enticing torque that pins you to your seat, collectively contribute to an immensely enjoyable driving experience.


The 2023 GV70 AWD Prestige model, equipped with electrified features, has an MSRP of $68,850. When considering the additional package options, the final cost comes to $74,350.


The Electrified GV70’s starting price may seem premium compared to rivals like the Mercedes-Benz EQB, Cadillac Lyriq, or Tesla Model Y Long Range, but it includes dual motors as standard, boosting both performance and value.

In contrast, the Jaguar I-Pace is priced significantly higher at $72,575, making the Electrified GV70 a more budget-friendly choice with similar or even superior features. Furthermore, when looking at larger electric SUV options like the Rivian R1S and BMW iX, the Electrified GV70 remains notably more affordable.

Therefore, for those seeking a blend of performance and cost-effectiveness in the electric SUV market, the Electrified GV70 presents a compelling choice. Moreover, the vehicle holds a slight edge in terms of affordability and feature parity, solidifying its position as an attractive option in this segment.

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