2023 Lexus LX 600 Ultra Luxury

Displaying modern and ample characteristics, the Lexus LX is positioned as a full-size luxury SUV that effectively maintains its remarkable off-road performance. Emerging from the underpinnings of the 300-Series Land Cruiser, it should not be mistaken for the US-bound Land Cruiser, which is constructed upon the new Lexus GX platform.

Powering the LX600 is a potent 409-hp twin-turbo V-6 engine, which collaborates harmoniously with a 10-speed automatic transmission and a comprehensive four-wheel-drive system beneath the hood.

In contrast to competitors like the X7 premium crossover and the lavish Escalade, which offer a lavish sensation, especially concerning a roomier third row suitable for adults, the LX600 brings forth unique benefits. Instead of projecting a serious and corporate ambiance, it addresses people who embrace the concept of embracing the natural world instead.

With a flawless embodiment of a seamless glide, the LX600 gains advantages from its supple suspension, adaptable air support, and comfortable seating. Yet, its sturdy body-on-frame construction and lineage linked to the Land Cruiser firmly establish it as a luxury SUV that ardently ventures into off-road terrains.

Among the available trim options, the Luxury variant stands out as the ideal selection in relation to value, considering that the notion of ‘value’ holds a subjective nature within the context of six-figure SUVs. Introducing enhancements like semi-aniline leather upholstery, a premium Mark Levinson stereo system, and elegant 22-inch wheels, this trim showcases thoughtful refinement, as tested by CarFanaticsBlog.

To those aiming to match the opulence presented by Range Rover or the highest-tier offerings of BMW and Mercedes, the Ultra Luxury trim presents an enticing option. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to highlight that selecting this trim diminishes the seating capacity to a mere four occupants.


The transformation of the Lexus spindle grille into a design reminiscent of the natural environment is a clear testament to its unique character. Despite retaining a size and shape similar to its predecessor, the new model exhibits a subtle rearward shift and front end elongation, which facilitates the incorporation of additional lower cooling vents.

Highlighting the transition from flat sides to the intriguing design of the rear quarter window is particularly noteworthy, especially considering the context of three-row SUVs. The vehicle we had the opportunity to test showcased the elegant Nori Green Pearl shade, adding to its sophisticated finish.

Stepping inside the cabin, your attention is immediately drawn to the dominating new central stack. Positioned prominently, this stack is composed of a 12.3-inch touchscreen positioned above a 7.0-inch screen dedicated to climate and off-road controls.

Flanking these screens on either side are mirrors. This arrangement differs from the prevalent screen-heavy approach seen in other luxury models, offering a welcome inclusion of tactile controls in the form of dials, buttons, and switches.

Extending horizontally at the edges are the air vents, while the center console boasts a substantial width reminiscent of truck interiors. In the Luxury trim, passengers are treated to a luxurious 4-passenger seating arrangement featuring diamond-stitched leather upholstery.

This premium seating is further adorned with embossed headrests and perfectly complements the open pore wood accents present on both the door panels and console.

At the heart of the Lexus LX 600’s allure are its luxurious front seats radiating a throne-like quality, an ample second-row seating area, and a significant 46 cubic feet of cargo space positioned behind the second row.

The front seats, enveloped in luxurious leather, offer heating functionality and a wide range of power adjustments, ensuring optimal comfort for individuals of various body sizes. Despite the notable size of the center console, the cabin’s design aims to provide comfort for uninterrupted road trips, addressing essential needs.

For the younger travelers, specialized holders for cups, USB ports, and vents on the ceiling have been considerately included. Nevertheless, it’s important to mention that changing or collapsing the seats in the second row from the back necessitates the use of a robust handle, which could be more difficult for kids compared to the easier push-button mechanisms seen in numerous other SUVs.

A moderate storage area measuring 11 cubic feet is situated behind the back seats, appropriate for objects such as a collection of sports equipment, as opposed to bigger items like ice chests.

Elevating the experience to new heights, the Ultra Luxury trim introduces an unparalleled level of sophistication. This setup eliminates the third-row seating, allowing for a distinct arrangement in the second row.

The arrangement comprises a set of captain’s chairs, which are divided by a central console that ingeniously incorporates a 7.0-inch tablet. This advanced tablet serves a variety of functions, allowing for the activation of massage features and providing the convenience of reclining the seats to an impressive 48-degree angle.

For the ultimate in relaxation, power ottomans descend from the back of each front seat, providing an abundance of legroom. Additionally, both front seatbacks feature extravagant 11.4-inch entertainment screens. While these screens add to the vehicle’s first-class accommodations, it’s important to note that they primarily serve as visual spectacles rather than utilitarian features.


With a significant heft measuring 5,700 pounds, the Lexus LX 600 confidently asserts its prowess as an impressive vehicle. As it navigates the roads, its handling reflects the anticipated traits of a sizeable and elevated SUV—exhibiting a distinct inclination and a resolute forward drive.

Nevertheless, these qualities do not overshadow the reality that the car provides a pleasant and seamless journey, particularly when the adaptable suspension is adjusted to its highest setting.

The elevated stature of the Lexus LX 600 not only enhances the driving experience but also provides the driver with an authoritative view of the road ahead. Similarly, passengers are treated to an unobstructed perspective, unaffected even by rugged terrain or the inclusion of optional 22-inch forged alloy wheels.

At the core of the LX 600 lies a robust 3.5-liter, twin-turbo V-6 engine that generates an impressive 409 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. This formidable power seamlessly moves through a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Equipped with a standard full-time four-wheel drive (4WD) system, the vehicle gains renown for its exceptional performance in the luxury SUV segment. Noteworthy is its utilization of improved suspension mounting points, which aid in enabling enhanced spring and shock travel, ultimately leading to enhanced capability.

Lexus takes the Luxury grade a step further by introducing both Active Height Control and Active Variable Suspension. Opting for the $130k Luxury trim pays off, offering up to 11.9 inches of ground clearance, significantly enhancing off-road maneuverability. Additionally, the system permits a 2-inch reduction in clearance (to 6.9 inches) to optimize on-road performance.

With an acceleration time of 6.1 seconds for the 0 to 60 mph sprint, the LX 600’s performance might not be considered lightning-fast. However, considering the vehicle’s substantial dimensions, its acceleration prowess is praiseworthy. The SUV provides ample power for highway cruising and showcases an impressive towing capacity of 8,000 pounds.

In comparison to its predecessor, the redesigned LX 600 showcases a clear enhancement in fuel efficiency, as indicated by the EPA’s bestowed combined rating of 19 mpg (17 city, 22 highway). This marks a substantial increase from the previous model’s 14 mpg.


Priced at $130,995 in the Ultra Luxury Grade trim variant, the LX 600 Ultra Luxury we reviewed stands out as one of the most expensive vehicles ever featured on CarFanaticsBlog.


The Infiniti QX80 offers a compelling option in comparison to the LX 600. It utilizes its lower initial cost to counterbalance the limitations of its outdated V-8 engine.

Entering the sphere of rising rivals, the luxurious Jeep Grand Wagoneer comes into focus. It stands out by delivering the most spacious third-row seating in its class, along with impressive towing capabilities and an array of deluxe features. These attributes collectively justify the premium price associated with the Grand Wagoneer.

Meanwhile, firmly positioned within the same price range, the Navigator and Escalade maintain their respective standings. The Navigator boasts an efficient twin-turbo V-6 engine and a selection of exceptionally comfortable seats.

In contrast, the Escalade sets itself apart with its advanced technology suite, notably featuring the Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system.

Among these notable competitors, the generously proportioned BMW radiates luxury and offers more agile maneuverability than its size would suggest. Additionally, it adeptly accommodates two adults in its rear seating area.

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