Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and Spider launch with 1,016 horsepower

Ferrari has revealed upgraded versions of its SF90 Stradale and SF90 Spider supercars, showcasing their extraordinary capabilities. These new models bear the XX designation, typically reserved for experimental vehicles exclusively available to Ferrari’s most devoted customers.

In the past, this special designation was given to cars like the FXX K, which originated from the LaFerrari and was introduced a decade ago. These experimental vehicles are specifically designed for track use and function as mobile laboratories, contributing to the development of future Ferrari models.

For the SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider, Ferrari aimed to capture the extreme essence of their traditional XX cars while retaining their street-legal status. The coupe version will have a limited production of 799 units, while the convertible will be even more exclusive with a run of 599 units. Remarkably, both body styles have already been sold out.

The XX variants of the SF90 can be easily distinguished by their redesigned front fascias, ventilated fenders, unique light-strip taillights, and fixed rear wings. Notably, this fixed rear wing marks the first appearance of such a feature on a Ferrari road car since the F50 of the 1990s.

Beneath the surface, the regular SF90’s plug-in hybrid powertrain remains, albeit with a slight increase in horsepower. The powertrain consists of a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine, an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, and three electric motors (two at the front, one at the rear).

In its standard form, it produces a combined 986 hp, but the XX variants deliver an impressive 1,016 hp.

The modifications to the powertrain primarily focus on the V-8 engine, incorporating refined inlet and exhaust ducts, a raised compression ratio, new pistons, and an optimized combustion chamber to enhance airflow. Furthermore, the tube connecting the intake plenum was redesigned and repositioned closer to the bulkhead to provide a more immersive engine sound within the cabin.

Ferrari engineers also fine-tuned the transmission software to offer a more dynamic acceleration experience and introduced a boost function from the electric side of the powertrain. When the driver fully depresses the accelerator pedal, this feature activates, enabling the SF90 XX to achieve 0-62 mph acceleration in just 2.3 seconds, with a top speed of 199 mph.

Significant upgrades have been made to the chassis and aerodynamics of the XX models as well. The aerodynamic enhancements include the aforementioned fixed rear wing, an extended front splitter, front air ducts, active underbody components, and a new diffuser, all working together to generate substantial levels of downforce.

Ferrari claims that these cars produce nearly 1,170 pounds of downforce at a speed of 155 mph.

In terms of the chassis, engineers focused on achieving extreme performance while preserving the exhilaration of driving, even at the limits. Lateral acceleration has been improved by 9%, primarily due to increased downforce, and body roll has been reduced by approximately 10% through various chassis modifications.

The brake system has also received upgrades, with improved cooling for the front rotors and slightly larger rear rotors. The brake pads now offer increased contact surface, resulting in a higher coefficient of friction.

To enhance the car’s dynamic behavior and precision, new sensors have been installed, enabling the measurement of acceleration and rotational speed on all three axes (X, Y, Z). This data allows the stability and traction control systems to interpret the car’s movements more accurately and intervene with greater precision.

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) also benefits from the new sensors, enabling later braking. Regarding pricing, the SF90 XX coupe starts at approximately $844,000.

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