Italian startup Aehra debuts high-end electric sedan with impressive 497-mile range

Aehra, an Italian startup, has unveiled its latest luxury sedan, an electric vehicle (EV) designed for the high-premium market. This addition complements their previously showcased sport-utility vehicle (SUV).

Production for both models is set to begin in 2026. Targeted at the high premium and luxury segment, the EVs will be priced between $175,000 and $197,000, as stated by Hazim Nada, Aehra’s co-founder and CEO, who highlighted the European market preference.

Following the successful launch of the SUV in November 2022, Aehra is now introducing the sedan. Both vehicles offer impressive features, including a top speed of 164 mph and a range surpassing 497 miles.

Initial deliveries are planned for 2026, with a focus on key markets such as the United States, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Aehra intends to start accepting preorders next year.

Nada envisions full-scale production by late 2027, targeting an annual output of 25,000 units for each model. It’s worth noting that both vehicles are original EV designs, rather than adaptations from traditional internal-combustion platforms.

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