BMW M executive acknowledges discontinuation of dual clutch and manual transmissions

During an interview with Top Gear, Dirk Hacker, the head of development at BMW M, shared insights on the changes occurring in the company’s transmission systems. BMW M has decided to discontinue the usage of dual-clutch transmissions and shift away from manual transmissions.

Hacker explained that the once highly valued advantages of dual-clutch transmissions, such as their lighter weight and quicker shift times, have lost their significance. This shift in perspective is exemplified by BMW M’s adoption of automatic transmissions in their M4 GT4 race car. The refinement and enhanced performance of automatic transmissions, particularly in low-speed maneuvers like parking, have favored them over dual-clutch alternatives.

Regarding manual transmissions, Hacker acknowledged the challenges faced by suppliers as they gradually phase out production due to dwindling demand. He expressed uncertainty regarding the future availability of manual transmissions due to reduced supplier focus.

The automotive industry’s transition towards electrified powertrains and self-driving technology further bolsters the prominence of automatic transmissions. Electric motors, in particular, operate efficiently with single-speed transmissions thanks to their high torque at low revolutions per minute. Although Toyota is exploring the development of a manual transmission for electric vehicles, BMW M has made the decision not to pursue this avenue.

Based on Hacker’s statements, it is highly likely that the latest M2 model, featuring a 6-speed manual transmission, will be the ultimate BMW M car offering this option.

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