Tesla debuts Giga Lab, a fresh retail concept that highlights its robust manufacturing capability

Introducing a distinct retail concept named the ‘Giga Laboratory,’ Tesla aims to showcase its remarkable manufacturing capabilities. With a keen awareness of the fierce competition in the electric vehicle market, particularly in China, the company places significant emphasis on its retail establishments.

Tesla has embarked on an exploration of inventive methods by introducing an extraordinary retail concept in China called the ‘Tesla Giga Laboratory.’ The groundbreaking initiative was announced by Tesla’s official Weibo account, highlighting their commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering innovation.

The introduction of China’s first-ever ‘Tesla Giga Laboratory’ is truly remarkable. This immersive experience reveals the secrets behind Tesla’s ‘Most Beautiful Store in Chengdu’ and provides a glimpse into the captivating process of ‘building a car in 45 seconds.’ Visitors can also enjoy casual conversations and take a break with friends.

Over the years, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has consistently emphasized that Tesla is primarily a manufacturing company. It is evident that Tesla is now incorporating this manufacturing aspect into its new retail experience, creating a platform to showcase its state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.

Additionally, the Giga Laboratory also highlights Tesla’s exceptional powertrain technology by featuring visible drivetrain components.

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