White House provides billions to support Tesla charging stations with CCS compatibility

On Friday, the White House made an announcement regarding federal subsidies for electric-vehicle charging stations. According to the statement, these subsidies will be available to stations that use Tesla’s standard plugs while also incorporating the U.S. charging standard connection called CCS.

Ford Motor and General Motors’ adoption of Tesla’s charging model, the North American Charging Standard (NACS), played a crucial role in shaping this decision. Consequently, these recent developments have brought about substantial disruption within the charging industry. Previously, the industry had been inclined towards the rival CCS connection, which enjoyed the support of federal subsidies.

This represents the first instance where the Biden administration directly associates Tesla with its plan to allocate a budget of up to $7.5 billion for the construction of new high-speed chargers spanning approximately 7,500 miles along the busiest highways in the country.

Robyn Patterson, a spokesperson for the White House, emphasized the objective of ensuring that publicly funded chargers, including Tesla Superchargers, are accessible to every car. However, it was not explicitly mentioned whether Tesla offering a CCS adapter for non-Tesla chargers would meet the requirements.

Prominent U.S. automakers, including Volkswagen, Hyundai Motor, and Kia, have widely embraced the CCS network. This charging infrastructure has garnered significant support from the majority of major global automakers operating in the United States.

Experts are concerned that the collaboration between these three prominent U.S. automakers could potentially lead to the obsolescence of other charging systems unless policymakers intervene. Tesla currently maintains the largest network of fast-charging stations in the United States, while other companies are struggling to catch up.

Conducting tests on the feasibility of CCS connectors, Tesla aims to facilitate non-Tesla vehicles in accessing its Superchargers. In a recent update to its guidelines, the Biden administration declared that individuals could qualify for federal subsidies to procure proprietary adapters, provided they are compatible with a permanently attached CCS connector.

By highlighting the administration’s dedication to enhancing compatibility and accessibility within the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, this development potentially renders Tesla’s adapters eligible for grants. The government’s commitment to fostering a cohesive charging network aligns with the goal of promoting widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

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