Tesla to open a nostalgic diner with outdoor seating, superchargers, and movie screen

During Tesla’s Investor Day presentation, the company provided some intriguing ideas, including the possibility of entering the breakfast food industry. Tesla’s Senior Director for Charging Infrastructure, Rebecca Tinucci, presented a slide that showed a Tesla-branded diner with unique features such as superchargers, a movie screen, and an outdoor seating area. In addition, another photo presented a Model S on a wireless charging pad.

Despite lacking official confirmation or details, the photo of the wireless charging pad appears less realistic than the other photo shown during Tesla’s Investor Day presentation. The former depicted a Tesla-branded diner, and Tesla has already filed a patent to use its name in the restaurant business. Rumors suggest that the diner may be located on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, California, where Tesla reportedly acquired a plot last year. Although the breakfast food industry may not be within Tesla’s typical business scope, the company could benefit from the new venture by maintaining excitement around its brand.

Although breakfast food may not be what comes to mind when you think of Tesla, the company could still reap the benefits of such a venture. With no new products currently in the works and the release of the Cybertruck pushed back, Tesla is struggling to keep its fans engaged. Creating a diner with Tesla branding and superchargers could be a fun and exciting project to keep fans interested and connected to the brand.

Furthermore, the margins on electric cars are becoming slimmer, making it important for Tesla to explore alternative sources of revenue. A diner would provide a high-margin, low-complexity product that is always in demand. While details on the project are scarce, Tesla’s recent acquisition of a plot on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, California, which could be an ideal location for the diner, hints that the company is seriously considering the venture.

Photo Credit: Tesla

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