Learning to drive in your 30s

Most people can’t wait to get their driving license and start learning to drive as soon as they possibly can. However, for some people, learning to drive doesn’t seem necessary. It can be an expense that some people can’t afford so they choose to not do it until they really need to.

If you’re starting to learn to drive in your 30s, you’ll find that there can be many advantages to learning when you’re older. Take a look at what you need to know about driving for the first time in your 30s.


Many people start having families in their 30s and it can be at this point that you find having a driving license handy. Whether you’re doing the school run or driving from one kid’s birthday party to the next, having your own vehicle will make things a whole lot easier. It’s also good if you’re carrying a lot of equipment with you, like a buggy or baby changing bags.

If you have your own car, it’s much easier to get all this equipment in the trunk, rather than have to cart it around on public transport.


If this is the second time you’re picking up driving lessons, you may be surprised by the fact that you can still be shell shocked by big emotions. You may get angry at yourself for making silly mistakes.

You may doubt whether you’re confident enough to pass your test. You may go to sleep at night going over everything you’ve learnt so you don’t forget it. People in their 30s still frequently fail their drive test so it’s important to go into this with a positive mindset, set on passing your test no matter what.


If you’re looking to shake up your work life, getting a driving license could be just what you need. Being able to drive expands your horizons and opens up new possibilities. Whether it’s driving to a college to study at night time or driving out of state to attend a course, you’re more likely to be offered these kinds of opportunities if your employer knows you can drive.

Similarly, there are many job opportunities that require you to drive. From delivery drivers to ambulance drivers and many others. If you’re looking to get back into work after a hiatus, a driving license can help you stand out from the crowd.


Being able to drive means you can get in your car and go anywhere at any time. You’re not bound by public transport schedules; you can make a plan and go when you’re ready. It makes short vacations much easier and more enjoyable when you have more control over travel plans.

For families, it means you don’t have to be restricted by time. You can plan a getaway that suits your schedule and what’s best for your children.

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