4 factors that could make you a dangerous driver

Hopefully, you’re never involved with any of the top car accident causes and you enjoy many years of safe and enjoyable driving. But, even if you think you’re a good (or even a great) driver, there are still many factors that could make you a danger on the road. Even people who have been driving for years can put others at risk, so it’s worth knowing what problems trained drivers can cause when they are behind the wheel. 


Some car repairs can be expensive, and many drivers feel they can put the maintenance off for now as long as the car still runs. However, ignoring essential maintenance puts you and other drivers at severe risk of injury. 

Not only will regular repairs and check-ups make your car last longer, but it also prevents problems while driving. If you ignore worn-down tires or brake pads, you will find it more difficult to stop. On slick, wet roads, this could cause you to skid, potentially colliding with another driver or crashing into barriers. The same goes for topping up oil and water to keep the engine running properly. 


It’s undeniable that visibility is vital when driving, but many factors can affect your visibility. This includes dirty windshields, insufficient screen wash, and even hands-free phone brackets or headlights. 

If your windshield receives a chip, you must get a Windshield Replacement or repair before it turns into a crack that hinders your visibility. You should also remove possible distractions, such as your phone, especially when driving down busy highways. When diving, your only focus should be on the road ahead, so make sure you do everything you can to enhance your visibility to protect others.


Even long-term drivers still have a fear of driving, and this can make them some of the most dangerous people behind the wheel. Nervous drivers are never certain what they are going to do next, which can cause backups and collisions that affect other drivers. 

They are also prone to panic, which means they may pull out into traffic because they are worried about cars behind them. If they misjudged the distance, they could be involved in a crash. 


Conversely, drivers who are too confident can also pose problems. There is a fine line between confident driving and arrogant driving, and you must steer towards being confident. 

Arrogant drivers often have no regard for other people, and they might get frustrated while sitting in traffic or when stuck behind slow drivers. This can cause them to make rash – and potentially deadly – decisions. 


No one wants to be involved in a car accident. It can knock your confidence, cause severe injury, and be expensive to repair. Even if you think you are a good driver, other factors can affect how safely you drive, whether going to work or taking a road trip. You must bear these potential problems in mind when driving to ensure you and other drivers are safe. 

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