2022 Jaguar F-TYPE P450 RWD Convertible

There’s a certain British flair to Jaguar styling and our 2022 Jaguar F-TYPE P450 RWD Convertible, dripped in Caldera Red paint juxtaposed with Ebony interior, certainly emanated plenty of it. The sleek design has sports performance all but written in its DNA and Jaguar had only tweaked a few things last year, adding LED headlights and taillights, to an already impressive package. 

Jumping behind the wheel, we quickly oriented ourselves to the dash and its layout, which caters to the driver with larger screens and less instrument panels and knobs. It’s a welcome change of scenery, and the promise of an exhilarating driving experience is projected with the presence of paddle shift controls, a shift lever and a grip handle. This is a performance-oriented driver’s car, and every detail makes sure to underscore that point. 

Sports cars are typically stingy with space in lieu of performance, but the F-TYPE manages to finesse the ratio. The luxury touches, including power-adjustable seats with leather-wrapping and a suede-like material for extra grip, surely help in that regard. Even tall drivers and passengers won’t struggle to situate themselves in the F-TYPE once they clear the low roofline, as the seats are comfortable for lengthier driving jaunts, offering plenty of adjustments and lumbar support, plus heating and cooling. 

Convertibles are typically a crosstown and not a cross country kind of car, so even with the accouterments, it’s a good idea to know the F-TYPE only provides eight cubic feet of space –  equivalent of two gym bags – so don’t expect to haul much more than that, or you’ll be in for a stark surprise. On the other hand, the lack of extra space is what allows the luxury-apportioned F-TYPE and its bombastic V-8 engine to take off fast and furiously, undoubtedly getting a smile out of any driver who looks forward to that thrill.


As just mentioned, the F-TYPE P450 packs a big punch under its sleek elongated hood, in the form of a 5.0-liter supercharged 8-cylinder gas engine. The V-8 cranks out 444 hp and 428 lb.-ft. of torque, which is paired to a paddle-shifted 8-speed automatic. The 0 to 60 mph sprint is achieved in 4.4 seconds, while the top speed the car can reach is 177 mph, according to Jaguar. 

The F-TYPE is far from a quiet beast, but it’s not an obnoxious one either. With an active exhaust system that runs in a quieter mode on start-up and pumps up the volume when it’s pacing through tunnels or mountainous roads, it growls in a unique way that leans towards the electric sounds in today’s cars. 

The dynamic exhaust syncs to a drive-mode selector connected to the F-TYPE’s shift speeds, throttle progression, and steering weight. Even with Sport+ elected, the F-TYPE glides smoothly. This is no small part due to its double-wishbone suspension, which offers a firm grip on a variety of roads. The Jaguar sits on 20-inch wheels and tires, which further cushion the ride on uneven pavement. 


The sporty 2022 Jaguar F-TYPE P450 RWD Convertible isn’t exactly an entry-level whip, considering the MSRP of $73,000. Adding the many – and we mean many – bells and whistles, the price goes up. 

Still, the extras are something to fawn over and are well worth it – if you’ve got the disposable income. 

Consider the Interior Luxury Pack ($2,000), Illuminated metal tread plates with Jaguar script, and extended leather upgrade and premium cabin lighting — all of which take the  benchmark luxury up a notch that’s just unfair in its desirability to us mere mortals.

On the safety side, Blind Spot Assist Pack ($550 is almost a no-brainer. For comfort, so are the 12-Way Heated and Cooled Front Seats ($1,800); Ebony Windsor Leather Performance Seats ($1,650) and the Black Exterior Pack ($1,100). 

For premium audio, opting for the Meridian Surround Sound System ($900) just makes sense and likely avoids a costly trip to an aftermarket audio shop.

And last, but not least, we have the Beige Fully Electric Convertible Roof ($650); and the Red Brake Calipers ($550), which just fall into the ‘why not’ category of options if you have already scooped the extras.

So, ultimately, with all the fixins and trimmings, the $73,000 base price is actually $11K higher – before taxes and destination fees – and totals $84,350. It’s a pretty penny, but considering this a sophisticated luxury British sports car – you get what you pay for.

What we liked: The debonair sporty looks, hair-raising V-8 power and distinct exhaust noises

What we didn’t like: Price and fuel economy


The Jaguar F-TYPE joins a small cadre of luxury automotive toys for a well-off customer who is seeking a specific kind of thrill. In that cadre, the Chevy Corvette is a strong rival because of its jet-inspired looks and mid-engine prowess. Speaking of mid-engines, most cars in this segment have to give the Audi R8 its props. The higher-end trims offered by Ford Mustang promise as much fun and excitement as any sports car in this segment. And we can’t leave out the BMW Z4 – or the Toyota Supra – that deliver unbridled fun as small coupes and convertibles.

Edited by Slav Kandyba / Twitter / IG @moneymakinslav 

Photo Credit: Copyright 2022 Angel Mosqueda / Car Fanatics Blog

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