Ways to improve the efficiency of your car

Petrol and diesel prices are not becoming less expensive, so anyone who wants to save money on their car needs to find ways to make it more efficient and get more miles out of the gallon. Luckily there are many ways that you can improve the performance of your car and make it run more smoothly. If you are happy to make some modifications and upgrade your car, there is a lot of choice open to you. Upgrades can often make your car a lot safer too, which is always an advantage. If you can find ways to become more efficient and be more careful, not only will your car go further, but it will last longer too, as the parts will not erode as quickly. So, efficiency and care go a long way to saving you in the long run.


If you want to get more miles for the gallon, the first thing you should look at is your own driving style. Aggressive drivers, who accelerate quickly and brake hard, fight the gear stick, take corners too fast, etc., will wear everything out on their car a lot faster. They will definitely be filling up more often, for starters. They are more likely to get in accidents too. Young drivers who exhibit these traits suffer the most car accidents. Imagine hurting someone else as a result of your actions.

The last thing you want are car accident lawyers on your case because you couldn’t drive carefully. So, look at how you drive objectively, be honest. Do you exhibit any of these traits? Maybe it is time to slow down and take things more easily. Maybe you could go to a driving class to improve your driving style. You never know something like this may even bring down your insurance. Your driving style has a huge impact on the efficiency of your car, so if you want and need to save money, start there.


Investing in high-quality oil is a great way to improve the efficiency of your car. Cheap oil is generally thicker and is less able to deal with high-intensity friction and heat. A more expensive oil is thinner and will lubricate the innards of your car a lot better. Synthetic oil is even better. It is specially formulated to reduce friction. It is less likely to break down under stressful situations too. Say you have been driving all day on a very hot day, a more expensive oil will still be flowing, whereas a cheap oil will be clotting. Also, remember to maintain your car by doing regular oil changes.  


A great way to improve the efficiency is to upgrade your tires. If your car still has the original tires, as fitted by the manufacturer, then they are not going to be the best for your driving conditions or be high performance. To get the best distance out of your tires think about the conditions, is it hot or cold, what are the roads like? What will suit you best a soft or hard compound tires? Another thing that is vital to keep on top of when it comes to your tires is to ensure that they are inflated to the correct pressure. Too hard then you will find it more difficult to brake, and too soft, and it will be sluggish and will take more fuel to get you from A to B. Also, unevenly inflated tires can affect the suspension and other aspects of the car too. So, take a look at the menstrual and inflate the sites to the correct psi.  


A lot of people make the mistake of leaving a lot of things inside the car. Well, the truth is, all these things you have in the car will be weighing it down, causing you to use more fuel. There is no reason to be constantly driving around with copious amounts of rubbish in your car. So, have a good clear-out. Some people go all the way of removing the spare tire and jack, and even the back seats, although this is not always advisable, especially if you have a family. Think about when you refuel too. Do you always fill all the way to the top, could it be more efficient to fill up halfway and drive with a lighter car? This may only be appropriate if you do not have to drive out of your way to go to the gas station.   


A car needs air to breathe. Without a clean, fresh supply of air being directed into the engine then it can overheat and cause issues. If you upgrade the cold air intake and increase the amount of air hitting the engine, it will boost its performance and efficiency. It will have a drastic effect on the combustion process. That is how the car utilizes the fuel and breaks it down, and creates the process of rolling forwards. Chaing the cold air intake basically allows the car to be more powerful and work more efficiently.


A car is a very important piece of kit. It takes you and your family around the country, and as long as you are good it is, it will be good to you. That means you need to take it to regular maintenance and services appointments. A professional will be able to take a look at our car and ensure that it is in the best condition it can be. They will also be able to ascertain if it is economical on fuel. They will look at the engine and make sure they do this in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

That means they will use the rights parts, lubricants, and fluids, etc. By doing this, they will ensure the efficiency of your car. They will find faults before they become issues and remedy them. They will sort out things such as the wheel alignment, which can cause many issues. Regular maintenance is vital to keep your car safe, economical, and efficient. 

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