The most vital tools for any car emergency kit

Doing what you can to prevent accidents, collisions, and breakdowns on the road is all well and good. You should do that. However, you should always be prepared for the chance that it’s not enough. You should be ready to handle the aftermath as well, and the right emergency kit can ensure just that. Here’s what you should always have packed in your car.


Protecting yourself on the road should be the first priority, even after you’re stopped following an accident or breakdown. High visibility gear such as safety triangles as well as safety jackets can make sure that you and the vehicle are visible, especially in low light conditions. Having a torch available can also help you improve your own visibility so that you can better survey the situation and make sure everyone is safe.


You should always be careful about moving people after an accident. If they are able to move, then you should make sure that you give them a look over. Even a basic first aid kit can help you treat those who have been injured in an incident on the road, such as by cleaning and dressing any wounds that might have been sustained. A little first aid training can go a long way in making you a safer driver, too.


It’s always a good idea to have a fully charged phone in the car. A backup phone with a portable charger can help you even more. You never know what condition your own phone may be in following an accident, so a written list of contacts, such as your insurance provider, a family member (to inform them), a car breakdown service, and a car accident attorney can help you make sure you take the correct steps following an incident. You don’t want to be stranded without the means to get in touch with the help you need.


If you have space for them in the car, then it’s a good idea to have the tools that you need to do light repairs. This can include things like a jack, wheel brace, and spare tire to make a tire change, as well as screwdrivers and wrenches to help with loose lug nuts. You should keep a pair of jumper cables as well so you can get a boost if you need it.


If your car isn’t moving any time soon, you might be waiting a while for help. You shouldn’t underestimate how tough it can be to wait in the cold and the dark. Aside from the aforementioned flashlight, you should have blankets or warm jackets at the ready to keep people safe and secure. Even better if you can keep some water bottles and tinned food (that opens without  a can opener) in your emergency kit.

Look at the car emergency kits that you can buy online if you want any more ideas of what you should prepare. Few of them are going to comprehensively have everything that you need, but you can put the rest together alongside it.

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