8 things you may not know about car accidents

Car accidents are unfortunately all too common. Approximately 1.35 million individuals die in car accidents globally each year and many more are injured or caught up in minor accidents that thankfully do not hurt them in any way.

If you are in the midst of an accident, then the best thing that you can do is get to know who the best car accident attorney is in your area. This way, you will be well supported when you are getting through the aftermath of the accident. You have to have the right legal mind on your side so that you can get the money you need from your insurance company.

Despite the fact that car accidents are so common, most of us don’t know very much about them at all, which is why we’ve put together a few interesting car accident facts that you might like to know about…

1. Around 40 percent of all car accidents that prove to be fatal involve alcohol in some way shape or form. This is perhaps not all that surprising when you consider just how much alcohol affects your inhibitions and your reflexes, and is a very good reason why you should never, ever think about drink driving.

2. Paralysis injuries among the most expensive to deal with following a car accident., Individuals who are paralyzed following a vehicle collision will need a huge amount of round-the-clock care, rehabilitation, and modifications to their home life in order to live the best life they can, and this means that insurers pay more for these kinds of car accident injuries than any other.

3. It’s commonly believed that you are far more likely to get caught up in a car accident when you’re a mile or less from home, but research has shown that most accidents involving vehicles happen three miles away front eh affected driver’s residence, which means you should probably be extra careful when driving within that radius.

4.  In the United States, each year, around 15 students are killed by school buses while they themselves are on foot. The vast majority of these accidents happen not in the morning, but when school is out.

5. In the UK, a failure to look properly when driving is the biggest cause of road traffic collisions, which is staggering when you think about it. Being aware of your surroundings is like the most basic thing you need to do as a driver, but apparently, a lot of people in the UK are distracted a lot when they’re driving.

6. Rollovers are the form of car accident that is most likely to result in the death of at least one person involved.

7. There is a sexist trope that women are terrible drivers, but statistics show that men are more than twice as likely to cause accidents than women, which is why a lot of women believe that they should be able to access cheaper car insurance products based on their sex.

8. The demographic that is more likely to be killed or injured in a car accident is the teenager. In the US, for example, around 5000 teens are killed each year, and a further 300,000 are injured, Of course, in many states, teens get their licenses earlier than in a number of other countries, which could explain that one, or maybe it’s youthful abandon that causes so many terrible accidents.

Be safe when you’re out on the road!

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