Keeping your engine in peak condition

If you want to ensure that you preserve your car as best as possible, then it’s wise to focus on those few parts of it that really matter the most. The engine is one such part, but it can seem like such a complex piece of hardware, what can you do to ensure that it’s running as effectively as possible for as long as possible? Here are a few ways you can keep your engine in peak condition.


Every car should come with a maintenance logbook that lays out what steps you should be taking to ensure it remains in good health for as long as possible. If you don’t have your logbook, you can usually get a copy from the manufacturer (though keeping the original is recommended). Make sure your mechanic helps you follow the logbook to a tee.


An engine’s cooling system plays the crucial role of making sure that it doesn’t overheat. Too much heat can lead to additional friction and a greater chance of one of the parts being compromised. Aside from making sure you have enough coolant and changing it when it is discolored, you should make sure to schedule regular checks on the radiator, the water pump, and the thermostat, as well.


Not only should you be changing your oil at regular intervals, but you should consider choosing brands that are designed to better work with your engine. The oil is what lubricates all the moving parts, preventing the friction that both causes overheating and wear and tear, and synthetic motor oil can be more effective for longer than your usual brand. Take a look to see what oil is best suited to your particular engine, and consider it worth the investment.


Engines mix oxygen and fuel together, combusting them to provide the energy that drives the car on. It’s important to make sure that your engine is breathing in enough air or else not only will the car become less energy efficient, but it can have a higher risk of breaking down. Changing your air filters can keep the air your engine gets free of impurities and dirt, but an improved air intake valve can even improve its performance.


If your car feels like it’s running along just fine, then a flashing light on the dash might be a cause for some concern, but it’s not like it’s going to be anything important right? It’s never wise to ignore any of your dash lights, but you should recognize the check engine light, as it can highlight all manner of issues identified by the car’s onboard computer.

Age, wear, and tear all affect every component of the car at some point and the engine is not going to be immune to any of that. However, with the tips above, you can make sure that it at least lasts much longer than it would, otherwise.


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