Career ideas for car fanatics

When you’re deciding which career path to follow, it’s always a good idea to focus on something you enjoy. If you’re a car fanatic or you love engines, for example, a career in the automotive sector could be just what you’re looking for. For inspiration, take a look at these 5 fabulous career ideas for car fanatics and start prepping your resume now:

1. Engineer

If you’re qualified in engineering or in a related field, you could work for major manufacturers as part of the development processes. The automotive industry spends billions of designing and developing new technology and engineers are critical to their success. You’ll get an insight into the future of cars and transport in general, as well as a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the newest models before they’re released. What’s more – you’ll play an active role in designing and developing cars before they’re on the market. 

2. Mechanic

If you enjoy working with cars, becoming a mechanic may seem like an obvious career choice. Perhaps you’ve always loved working on your own vehicles or maybe repairing cars has become something of a side hustle? If so, becoming a pro could be the next logical step. As a mechanic, you’ll have the option to work for an existing company as an employee or to set up your own garage, so there are a variety of careers you can pursue within this field. 

3. Driver

For people who love being behind the wheel, becoming a professional driver could be a dream come true. From launching your own taxi or courier firm to chauffeuring celebrities and dignitaries, there are endless possibilities. As well as getting your driver’s license, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got enhanced driving credentials. Taking lessons in evasive maneuvers or defensive driving can be advantageous if you want to become a driver for politicians or famous people, for example. 

4. Safety Experts

Today’s vehicles are designed with a range of built-in safety features, but manufacturers are always looking for ways to make their cars safer. Due to this, there is a whole sector dedicated to vehicle safety. Encompassing risk analysis and modeling, this is an ideal career path for people who are analytic thinkers and problem solvers. Similarly, if you’re interested in the latest tech and have a passion for road safety, becoming a safety expert could be the perfect role for you. 

5. Bodywork Specialist

As well as needing mechanical repairs, vehicles often require bodywork repairs or replacements. This requires specialist skills, so you will need to train before you’re ready to work on cars. However, once you’ve honed your craft, you can spend your time working with vehicles and restoring them to their former glory. 

Working in the Car Industry 

The latest technology is changing the way we think about cars, which means the automotive industry is an exciting place to be. From advanced in-car safety tech to driverless vehicles, there are a number of innovations currently being trialed. Whatever career path is right for you, you can be confident that there’s a job for every car fanatic out there. 

Photo Credit: Ford

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