Corolla schmolla, the Camry is Toyota’s saving grace

For a long time, the Corolla has been the go-to for the family hatchback and sedan lovers. It’s roomy, speedy, stylish and loved around the world. But the dark horse that has been lurking around the corner, is coming for it’s crown. The Toyota Camry is a real midsize car, unlike the Corolla. The latter has been a compact since the day it was designed. The Camry is the modern-day family car that does it all. It’s something that needs to be explored if you are to be convinced.


The XV70 is the 8th generation of the Camry. Yeah, it’s been around that long, since about 1982 in fact. The newest model is the XV70, which has addressed a number of issues all it’s predecessors couldn’t deal with. It has a longer wheelbase, accepting that it is a true midsize car, and not a compact that has been stretched out. The XV70 has new engine options, going from 2.0 to 2.5 liter engines. Yes, it’s hybrid and just like every Japanese hybrid system, it’s by far the most efficient in its class. The top eco-friendly model can do 53 miles per gallon. Considering that it’s a full four-door car, that is incredible. 


For Japanese car brand fans, saying that another model in the Toyota family is better than the famous Corolla is a ghosting offense. But, it’s true, for anyone seeking a family car the Camry has more space and a large trunk. It’s also more comfortable on the highway, able to hold above 50 miles per gallon in most engine models.


The base engine is a 2.0 6AR-FSE inline four-cylinder. This is a smooth but somewhat loud engine, yet it’s quite clearly the best in terms of efficiency. The top engine model is the 2.5 liter engine, inline four cylinder, with 41% thermal efficiency. The A25-FXS produces 178-209bhp and 163 lb-ft of torque.

But for a 2.5 liter that can seem like a little low. But you get power as well as fuel economy. Even the top engine has mpg in mind. Combined with it’s hybrid system of electric powered motors and a regular combustion engine, the 209bhp engine still managed 52.9 mph. That is as much as the lower-powered engine, which is going to tempt many to pay a little extra for the top model.


We are in a global pandemic so all kinds of purchases are difficult but car buying has been hit very hard. You can’t just walk into a showroom or car dealer anymore. Buying online is the best way to go, so search the best site possible, for a brand new 2020 Camry.

You get all the benefits of selecting your car without the need to go through the long and boring procedure that car dealers put you through. Contact the east coast Toyota dealer online and use their text chat function for instant responses. Their workers are available 24-7, so no matter which timezone you’re in they can answer your questions.

The Camry often gets forgotten but the 2020 model is going to make waves for sure. The hybrid engine is the party piece and the price of just $30,000 is too good to miss out on. 

Photo Credit: Toyota

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