Does the brand of your car make a difference to its scrap value?

Whether you’ve got a top of the range Audi, or an old banger, every car’s life comes to an end at some point or another. When this does happen one of the easiest ways to get rid of it is by scrapping the vehicle. No matter what car you have, you will receive some money for this, however you may be questioning whether the make and model of your vehicle has an impact of its scrap value. But there is no straight answer to this question, there are several factors that decide the value of your vehicle.


More often than not, the more expensive the brand of vehicle, the more you will get when you come to scrap it, but this isn’t always necessarily true. The BMW 5 Series is regarded as one of the more expensive vehicles, and in return is known to receive a higher scrap value than a lot of other cars. But the brand isn’t the only important part, it also depends how old your vehicle is. If you have a Volkswagen from 2005, you will receive more for a Volkswagen that was bought in 2017.

Nonetheless, the biggest factor that contributes to the value of your vehicle when being scrapped is the weight of it. The reason behind this is because the heavier the vehicle, the more scrap metal will be on the vehicle and therefore the dealers can get more out of it. This is why even cheaper models that are large such as Land Rovers can make more at scrap that the more expensive brands such as BMW and Mercedes. If you have a smaller vehicle then it will be lighter and less likely to fetch as much at the scrap yard.

Obviously, there are always exceptions, but as a general rule of thumb, the heavier a car the higher its scrap value. Although you may be hoping that a more expensive vehicle will fetch more, the chances are there is only a few hundred between that and a cheaper brand.


Although you can sell off individual parts of the vehicle, we would advise against this as often it can be a lot more hassle and in the end, you won’t receive more money. There may be buyers interested in particular parts, but having them removed can have a large impact on the weight and therefore the price of the vehicle when being scrapped. Unless you are doing someone, you know a favour, it probably isn’t worth removing the parts beforehand.

Plus, some parts of the vehicle are toxic and hazardous, therefore not having an expert remove them safely would mean you would be putting yourself and others at risk. If you are deciding whether or not to scrap your vehicle then you can have a scrap evaluation made at Here you are able to get a quick estimation on what the scrap value on your vehicle is and decide from there. You might find that you will make more profit scrapping the whole vehicle rather than selling parts of it.

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