Practical benefits of a personalised number plate

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After going through the arduous task of finding your new car it’s now time to decide if you want to customise it with a private number plate. If you’ve got a new car, this can be a great way to add even more luxury to an expensive item, or it can be the perfect addition to freshen up an old one.

Although they might look good, private number plates do have a lot of practical benefits, from grabbing more attention, to protecting you against theft. So, if you’re on the fence about whether a private plate is a good idea, we’ve got some reasons why one might benefit you.


Usually when you choose a private number plate, you are selecting characters that are meaningful to you, whether that be your birthday, or specific word or phrase. As a result of this, you will find it much easier to remember than a normal number plate that is a mix or random letters and numbers.

How often have you lost your vehicle in a car park? It’s easily done, it can become like a maze on a busy day in a shopping centre car park, and it’s made even more difficult if you don’t know your number plate.

Likewise, we’ve all had to fill out forms for our vehicle which require us to fill out our number plate and you’ve had to go to your car to double check the plate. Having a private number plate erases these problems so you have less hassle and stress when it comes to your vehicle.


This one may seem a little unusual, as surely if you have a private number plate, people will be more likely to steel your vehicle as it is worth more. Well that isn’t exactly right. Thieves are less likely to steal a vehicle with a private number plate as it stands out significantly more than an average plate. Also, when the police are looking for the vehicle, a private plate makes it a lot easier to find.

Another point to note is that thieves will normally steal a plate from a different vehicle and put it on the vehicle they’ve stolen. If your number plate is private then they will be less likely to take it.


If you own a business where vehicles are involved, what better way to show off your business than with a private number plate?

Private number plates are a cheap way to advertise your business and once you’ve bought it you can keep it forever. Plus, even if you get a new vehicle you can have the number plate transferred easily.

You can have a word associated with the business you work in, or have your business name placed on a plate. Your business name will most likely be cheap to have on a number plate as it won’t be a popular and sought-after word.


Standing out from the crowd is one of the main reasons to get a private number plate. Whether you’ve got a word people know, or just something out of the ordinary, it will be sure to turn heads in the street.

Furthermore, if you have a private plate then people won’t be able to see the age of your vehicle. If you’re looking to preserve the age of your vehicle you can do so with a private plate. If you look after your vehicle then the number plate is the only way to detect its age.

Keep your vehicle looking fresh and young with a personalised number plate.

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