Arizona man renting out his Tesla Model S on Airbnb

The Tesla Model S, to put it midly, is an automotive object of envy. Of course the all-electric sedan is cost-prohibitive to most of us that aren’t well-heeled enough to drop close to $120,000 to own one. However, it was only a matter of time before someone, somewhere, figured out a way to capitalize on the Model S being as desirable as it is currently.

Enter Steve Sasman, an entrepreneurial hustler  businessman in Phoenix, Arizona, who has listed his Tesla Model S on Airbnb, the globally popular web portal for the sub-rental of apartments, rooms and couches. The listing offers a “two-guest private room” for $85 a night – with the room actually being the Model S’ trunk, replete with a makeshift 36-inch-wide air mattress and other amenities that are actually a part of the car (The car remains parked at its ingenious owner’s garage, so it’s not like you’re actually renting the car to … you know … drive it).

Sasman’s novel Airbnb idea appears to be more than a gimmick and part of a concerted effort to capitalize on the current infatuation with Tesla. Sasman’s enterprise includes a $29.97 ebook called “How Almost Anyone Can Afford a Tesla.” According to Road & Track, “in it, he explains the myriad ways he uses his vacation cabin Model S P85 to make enough money to pay for his Model S P85 vacation cabin.”

One of the ways is using the car as a Uber – of course, he’s not the first to think of that.

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