Bloodhound SSC hybrid rocket motor passes early test

The hybrid rocket motor that will power the Bloodhoud Supersonic Car in its quest to break the land speed record of 1,000 mph in 2016 has passed an early test with flying colors.

The Oct. 7 test took place at Nammo’s new test facility in Raufoss, Norway. The motor generated 30 kN – 3 tons – at the peak of the 10-second firing. The company plans to use the new facility to conduct tests on rocket motors that will be deployed for atmospheric research and space launches.

The large rocket hybrid motor tested by Nammo is viewed as a cheaper and greener alternate to rocket propulsion. Nammo is innovating technology – Green Propulsion – that uses hydrogen peroxide as the oxidizer and synthetic rubber as fuel. The European Space Agency and its Future Launchers Preparatory Programme are backing it.

The hybrid rocket motor tested in October is considered the “first building block” for the company’s North Star Rocket Family, a series of “affordable sounding rockets and small launchers” that will launch small satellites into orbit from Andøya Space Center in Northern Norway.

Before the space ventures, the Hammo hybrid rocket motor will power the Bloodhound Supersonic Car, which will seek to set the new land speed record of 1000 mph in 2016.

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