Coffee on steroids? No, coffee out of a V-12

Crude oil refined may be required to power up a Formula One V-12 super car, but human beings only require caffeine to power up in the a.m.

As such, it is nearly ingenious to combine the two as the folks behind the £9,000 ($16,500) Espresso Veloce Serie Titanio V-12 did.

The gadget is a coffee maker that is modeled after a half-scaled real life V-12, made with 90 parts and, as far as we know, doesn’t mix in any crude – even if you attempt to make Ethiopian decaf mixed with Turkish coffee (jokingly speaking).

Zirconium ball-polisher and aerospace alloys aside, the 500 owners to splurge on ownership of this machine will get an item that cross-breeds two of the world’s biggest passions: fast cars and delectable coffee.

Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?

Photo Credit: Espresso Veloce

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