Ford does “Go Further” with new Edge Concept

Ford’s new slogan is “Go Further,” and with the new Edge Concept revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show, they’ve done exactly that. The Edge is teeming with the latest in technology, most of it geared toward driver safety.

Ford is quick to acknowledge that the technology they use today is laying the foundation for fully automated cars somewhere down the road (if you’ll pardon the pun). The Edge puts that theory to the test, and it passes with flying colors. Most noticeable is the active park assist, which Ford continues to develop and innovate. With the Edge, the driver only controls the gas and the breaks; the Edge does the parallel parking for you.

The Edge also features Ford’s highly touted lane-keeping system, which alerts the driver through steering wheel vibrations if the car is drifting out its lane (it’s also capable of straightening the car out).  Collision warning and blind spot sensors – staples on modern Fords – continue to be fine-tuned with this newest incarnation of America’s sport utility vehicle.

Add that up, and the new Edge Concept assists the driver as much as any car on the market. And it’s clear that that was Ford’s intention with this car. Throw in some very respectable mileage for a car of the Edge’s size, add a re-designed exterior that conveys a little more confidence than your average Ford, and you’ve got a pretty impressive vehicle.

For better or for worse, there’s no one attribute of the Edge Concept that stands out. Rather, the new Edge seems to be a culmination of Ford’s innovative technologies in driver safety and utility. In a way, the Edge Concept is Ford’s piece de resistance when it comes to forward thinking and technology. It’s a far cry – in a good way – from the Ford Escapes of a decade ago. Ford is catching up with – and even surpassing – the times.

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