Opel releases Monza Concept details

Comparing its design to a greyhound dog, German automaker Opel, a subsidiary of General Motors, plans to unleash the Monza Concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show next month.

At the core of the concept is an LED projection infotainment environment and an innovative, CNG-powered powertrain.

The Concept is quite different from the original Monza, which premiered at IAA in 1977 with a six-cylinder engine, went into production as the Vauxhall Royale in the UK and was discontinued in 1982.

The new Monza exemplifies Opel’s “maximum connectivity and optimum efficiency” themes for the future, Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann said in a news release. A four-seater, its style was inspired by “ocean waves lapping on the shore” as well as “the lean physique and slim waist of a greyhound dog.”

The centerpiece inside this futuristic Monza is a sweeping dashboard from a single projection surface. Just what it displays can be customized by “needs, taste or mood.” The dashboard is powered by 18 LED projectors that are a first of its kind.

The Monza’s powertrain is based on an electric drive with a CNG range extender on a new, three-cylinder 1.0 SIDI turbo engine, which will also debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Photo Credit: Opel

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