Toyota FT-86 Open concept live photos: 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Open concept is apparently Toyota-speak for “we’re chopping off the roof of the GT 86 and calling it a day”. They’re debuting the droptop sports car here at Geneva, and will be making the rounds of the auto show circuit to gauge reaction from the crowds to see if it makes sense to offer this option alongside the normal coupe.

Toyota has tried to retain the dimensions of the convertible in step with the coupe as much as possible, resulting in absolutely nothing changing, including the exterior measurements, the 2+2 seating (the +2 is great dogs, groceries, or your backpack/briefcase…just don’t plan on putting any humans back there), and essentially the amount of trunk space. Through some magic and/or wizardry, Toyota managed to tuck the folding top, complete with a glass rear screen, in between the fixed rear seats and the trunk. Pretty clever.

Structurally speaking, Toyota will be evaluating to see what enhancements will need to be made, such as vehicle rigidity, height/weight, aerodynamics, and performance. While the first three will be easy fixes, don’t except to see a turbo or a supercharger underneath the hood anytime soon. That being said, since the GT 86 features frameless doors, the overall design was made with it having a convertible option in mind the whole time.

Speaking of performance, as stated, don’t expect it to change, much to the chagrin of most enthusiasts. Although this and the tyre selection are the two most polarising things about the vehicle itself, since they’re selling like hotcakes, don’t expect Toyota to make any changes anytime soon. Besides, they’re still hoping that the Fast and the Furious scene comes back stronger than ever. I’m guessing that someone already has tickets to the premiere of Fast 6…

As far as the design goes, minus the roof, the only thing that sets it apart is the exclusive colour scheme. Done up in white with a blue top, coupled with a predominately white leather interior layered over a navy blue backing and golden yellow stitching and carpet, it’s all to capture the essence that is Milan. I’m not sure as to why they chose this, but based on the specs and the colour scheme, I’m assuming that they’re looking to possibly promote this as an more upscale version of the coupe.

Will Toyota pull the trigger and produce this? Only time will tell, but my money’s on yes…if for nothing else, it’ll satisfy the current demand while it’s white hot.

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