New driver? How to make your car a comfortable place to be

If you’ve just passed your driving test, it’s time to get behind the wheel of a car for real. And to do that, you need to be comfortable as a driver. When you’re comfortable, you’re much more confident on the road, and that means you make far better decisions. So to ensure you’re always feeling like the good driver that you truly are, here are some tips to make the cabin of your vehicle the best place to be.


Hands free is essential under modern safety standards. As such, you’ll need hands free accessories on your side. Sure, you can connect your phone via USB or bluetooth to many modern car systems, but you still need to keep it where you can see it. Often that means mounting it on the window screen in front of you without obscuring your vision. You could also invest in a bluetooth clip to keep on your ear if you receive a high volume of calls; if your hands are on the wheel, you’re safe to take a call. 


If you like to listen to music, you’ll be best off installing your preferred music system in your car. An aux cord and a phone is one thing, but if you’re still a fan of CDs or the radio, you can buy some high clarity car speakers wholesale and fit them into your new vehicle. You could also mount more speakers in the back of the car, if you like to drive around with friends. The car is yours, do what you want to customize the interior!


Driving can get uncomfortable after a while, and if you’re not the right size for the car, it’s going to get awkward! So, if you’re a little tall for the car you’re in, and especially if you’re on the shorter side, you’re going to need a cushion in place to support your back and legs. Invest in the ergonomic kind; these will mould to fit you just right and ensure you’re always in the right position to be driving safely and comfortably. Shop around for a cushion that fits you – it should go right up your back without much issue. 


A dirty car is always uncomfortable. You’ll need to pack plenty of cleaning items to keep it cozy and cool in there. So pack some wet wipes at the very least, but have a garbage disposal bag to hang off the back of a seat as well. You’ll also want air fresheners for the days when you’re driving home after a long work shift – cars can get very smelly if you’re not careful! Pack this in a kit in the trunk and grab when you need it. 

If you’re a brand new driver, this is your chance to be free and comfortable. Customize your seat the way you need it to be.

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