They can’t drive yet, so here’s what you can do for your car-loving kid

If you’re into cars and you just so happen to own a child that has followed in your footsteps, then you’re a lucky guy or a lucky lad. You get to embark on a journey with your offspring while you both harbour the same passion. The difference at the moment, however, is that you’re able to get behind the wheel and they absolutely aren’t.

While that’s the right thing to do, your child might be a little annoyed by this. There are lots of kids out there who are more than capable of learning and becoming good drivers, but it’s just a case of health and safety. Common sense obviously will stop that from ever happening! At least they won’t be getting into accidents or causing any kind of mischief.

There are, of course, things you can do in order to keep your kid occupied in the motoring world, though. It’s not just a case of waiting until they reach the right age. Here are just a few examples of ways you can keep your car-loving child more than satisfied:


Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and enjoy a little drive. Next time you feel like you need this kind of thing, why not bring your kid along with you? Sure, they might hop along with you most days when you take them to school or when you head to the supermarket, but that’s no fun for them. We’re talking about going on a little trip.


Professional sports are awesome and can be real, wholesome family fun. Sports like NASCAR and Formula One can really get people’s adrenaline levels pumping, so perhaps this is something to think about. If they don’t really have much to watch or they don’t know what content to consume to fill the void in their free time, then these kinds of things wouldn’t be a bad idea. A real passion could be built from merely spectating these kinds of world-class athletes. 


Car toys are typically bought for younger kids, but it’s not as binary as that. Things like RC cars from and all kinds of other stores can keep all kinds of people occupied for hours. If they’re as into motors as you think they are, then this kind of this would be an amazing gift.

They could even start a little collection and have a plethora of different makes and models before long. Video games are also a fantastic way of learning about everything to do with cars. Not only will they understand how best to operate a vehicle, but games these days are so detailed, so they’ll learn an awful lot about the inner workings.


Even if you don’t really need to fix the car, there’s nothing wrong with popping the hood and having a little play with things. Sitting around and thinking is no fun for a kid, so perhaps a little practical work might intrigue them – if they want to, of course. 

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