Car faults you should never ignore

We love our cars but when things go wrong, we can start to get more than a little frustrated with them. That moment when we realise there might be a fault can give us cause for alarm, not only because we fear a break down at any moment, but because we worry about the potential expense too. 

In an attempt to keep vehicle costs down, we may be tempted to ignore any emerging problems. But we do this at our peril, as the maintenance on our car could be far more costly if we put off a visit to the nearest car mechanic. As we suggested a moment ago, we could also break down, and this could leave us stranded!

With all of this in mind, here are the car faults you should never ignore.

#1 Fluid leaks

If you spot a puddle under your car, it might simply be the result of rainy weather. On the other hand, your car could be suffering a fluid leak. Fluids that commonly drip from a car include coolant, gear oil, engine oil, and power-steering fluid. Transmission fluid is another common problem, and if you notice this, you should definitely search for transmission repair near me. If you experience a mushy feel when pressing down on your brake pedal , it might also be that you have lost brake fluid. You might not see a telltale puddle to indicate this but you should still get your brakes seen to as soon as possible.

#2: Colored exhaust smoke

Unfortunately, colored exhaust smoke indicates engine trouble, so you should take your car in for repair without delay. White smoke indicates coolant leakage, black smoke indicates your car is using too much fuel, and blue/gray smoke means there is possibly an oil leak and your car is burning oil. None of these are good signs and they could be indicative of larger issues. 

#3: Chipped windscreen

A slight chip in the glass is easy to ignore as many people think its an aesthetic problem rather than something that could be dangerous. However, any chip or crack in your windscreen can be a safety issue as they weaken the integrity of the glass. If you were to be involved in an accident, the glass could shatter and that would obviously compromise your safety. There is also the chance that a larger crack could appear over time if you don’t get your windscreen repaired. Needless to say, if the crack has grown, the repair bill could be more costly. 

#4: Noisy brakes

A screeching sound whenever you hit the brakes should never be ignored. After all, your brakes are what makes your car stop in emergencies and non-emergencies. The noise you hear is the brake pad rubbing against the brake rotor and if ignored, wear and tear will occur until the braking material is eventually gone. As you will understand, this is will be both a massive safety issue and a costlier outcome at the garage. 

There are, of course, all kinds of other car faults, from engine lights coming on to problems with your car’s alignment. While we have only touched on a few issues here, it’s still important to take all faults seriously as you never know what the eventual outcome might be for you. Be safe and seek the advice of a professional before the issues become more dangerous and more expensive.

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