Tesla Model X: The most-driven EV, Porsche Taycan remains stationary

iSeeCars recently conducted a study investigating the mileage accumulated by various electric vehicles (EVs) during a span of three years. The findings of the study indicated that the 2020 Tesla Model X emerged as the leader, with other Tesla models such as Models Y, 3, and S closely following suit.

Analyzing data from over 860,000 three-year-old EVs, the study revealed that the Porsche Taycan achieved the 12th position. Notably, iSeeCars discovered that EVs, on average, covered approximately 9,059 miles annually, a significant difference compared to the average mileage of gasoline-powered cars, which stood at 12,758 miles.

Standing apart from other EVs, the Model X, a midsize family SUV featuring three rows of seating, showcased an average annual mileage of 10,378 miles. In comparison, the Porsche Taycan accumulated a comparatively lower mileage of 4,846 miles.

Karl Brauer, an analyst at iSeeCars, pointed out that the mileage difference significantly affects EV usage, with EV owners driving an additional 23 miles per year for every extra mile of range their vehicle offers. On average, EVs would need approximately 161 more miles of range to reach the 12,578-mile annual mileage achieved by traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Additionally, Brauer underscored that range anxiety is predominantly rooted in the ease of recharging EVs rather than the concern of being stranded in distant areas.

In contrast to gasoline cars that present ample refueling choices and quick refueling times ranging from five to ten minutes, EVs presently lack this level of convenience and cost-effectiveness. Unless EVs can offer equivalent refueling options with a comparable cost, they will encounter constraints in terms of usage and market demand.

Furthermore, Brauer recognized the notable impact of EV prices, which may gradually diminish as the costs of EVs and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles become more aligned in the future. As outlined in the study, three-year-old EVs carry an average price tag of $45,147, whereas their ICE counterparts have an average price of $30,760. This implies that electric cars are priced 47 percent higher than conventional vehicles, yet they are driven 29 percent less.

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