2024 Genesis Electrified GV70 AWD Prestige

For 2024, the Electrified GV70 is sold across 23 states, starting at $67,645 for the Advanced model and $77,445 for the Prestige version. This vehicle, produced in Montgomery, Alabama, qualifies for a partial EV tax credit, unlike the rest of the lineup which is manufactured in Ulsan, South Korea.


The Cardiff Green Electrified GV70 stands out with its silver diamond-patterned grille and sleek twin LED headlights, creating a bold and distinctive appearance. The grille cleverly hides the charging port, while the narrow dual-LED taillights and uniquely designed C-pillar with parabolic lines contribute to an aggressive, sharp profile.

Glacier White leather trim in the Electrified GV70 Prestige’s interior delivers a touch of luxury, complemented by a clean and streamlined center console. While the touch-sensitive climate controls might be challenging, the large rotary dials on the center dashboard provide an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing solution.

The front trunk of the Electrified GV70 offers limited space, only enough to store the 110V charging cable. Rear cargo capacity, even with the second row folded, amounts to just 56.5 cubic feet, falling significantly short of the Tesla Model X’s 85 cubic feet, which may pose a constraint for larger storage needs.


Switching to Sport mode in the Electrified GV70 ramps up performance, offering a noticeable power increase when you need it most. For an even greater burst of energy, press the boost button on the lower steering wheel for a temporary surge of 483 horsepower, but only for up to 10 seconds.

If the battery’s charge dips below 25%, the boost feature becomes unavailable, limiting the extra power. Despite its impressive capabilities, this model lags behind other electric SUVs, which can deliver over 600 horsepower, such as the Model X and iX M60.

To switch driving modes, use the control button located on the steering wheel’s left side. Options include Comfort for smoother rides, Sport for a more dynamic experience, and Eco to maximize battery life at the expense of rapid acceleration.

Paddle shifters on the steering wheel let you choose among four levels of regenerative braking, with the i-Pedal mode providing an effortless one-pedal driving experience. Despite its substantial weight, the Electrified GV70 feels as nimble as a much lighter car, even on bumpy roads.

The car’s low center of gravity, due to the heavy battery pack, contributes to its impressive handling and stability. In the Prestige trim, the electronic limited-slip differential helps maintain optimal torque distribution, improving traction and cornering, especially on slick surfaces.

A calm cabin is assured with the Road Active Noise Control system, which reduces wind and road noise for a quieter driving environment. Drivers can select from three synthetic engine sounds that play through the audio system or turn them off entirely for a more tranquil journey.


The Electrified GV70 achieves a respectable range of 236 miles, with efficiency peaking at 2.5 miles per kWh. Genesis asserts that a 250-kW connection can extend the range by 60 miles in just five minutes.

Charging via a standard 240-volt household outlet takes about seven hours for a full recharge, while Genesis offers three years of complimentary 30-minute charging sessions at Electrify America stations. For added convenience, there’s a power outlet in the cargo area suitable for charging laptops and small devices.


A 2024 Electrified GV70 AWD Prestige, which we had on loan for a week-long review, starts at a base price of $66,450. When you add the Prestige Package for an additional $6,800, the final cost comes to $75,020.


The range of electric SUVs comparable to the Genesis Electrified GV70 grows each year. New entrants like the Acura ZDX and Porsche Macan Electric join a competitive field with existing models such as the Cadillac Lyriq, Lexus RZ, Tesla Model Y, and Volvo XC40 Recharge.

A number of these competing SUVs offer better range and enhanced performance relative to the Genesis model. Although the Electrified GV70 has its strengths, Genesis must keep up with the rapid changes in the electric vehicle market to maintain its position.

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