Common reasons your car won’t start

It’s time for work, and you’ve rushed out of the house into your car. You’re desperate to miss the rush-hour traffic, but there’s a problem. You’ve turned the ignition or pressed the start button, yet your car isn’t working. It sounds like it’s trying, but it isn’t starting up. 

Great. Your day couldn’t have started worse, and now you have to deal with a broken car. What’s caused this issue? It depends, and some of the causes can be easily solved – while others require a few days in the shop. To help you make sense of the situation, here are the common reasons your car won’t start:


A transponder is part of your car key. These have been around for some time, and every modern car has one. They’re used to add an extra layer of security to your car. When the transponder is near the vehicle, it deactivates an engine immobilizer and lets you drive your car. However, if the transponder isn’t present, the engine remains immobilized. 

It’s a great idea to stop people from breaking into your car and trying to hotwire it. The problem comes when your transponder is broken or damaged. Now, you’re sat in your car with an engine that won’t turn on. Thankfully, transponder key replacement & repair is inexpensive and can be done very quickly. If this is your problem, you can solve it on the same day. It’s always a good idea to have a spare transponder for moments like this. If you do, test it out and see if your car starts. If it does, you know this was the issue and it has been instantly taken care of.


 A dead car battery is extremely common and usually happens when you leave it on overnight. This can easily be done, but it means your car has no power to turn on. If your car radio and all other electrical features are also not working, it’s safe to say the battery is the problem. 

Again, this is an issue you can solve by yourself at home. If you have a car battery testing kit, then use it to check your battery. Then, try jumpstarting your car if you have the equipment available. If this works, you should be able to drive your vehicle. 


Lastly, a clogged fuel filter can stop your car from starting as it prevents fuel from reaching the engine. Unfortunately, this isn’t a problem you can fix yourself as it likely needs to be replaced. So, you’ll have to call a mechanic and get them to deal with it for you. 

Ideally, you can prevent this issue with regular car service checks. This is a key aspect of staying safe on the roads as you check your car for any underlying issues. If you haven’t had a check for a while, book your car in ASAP. 

These are perhaps the most common reasons a car will fail to start. Check the first two points to see if it’s a simple issue you can sort out quickly, or call a mechanic to deal with something more complex. 

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