Toyota reveals electric seven-seater Land Cruiser concept

Toyota has revealed the Land Cruiser Se concept, offering a glimpse into the potential electric Land Cruiser. While concept specifics are usually limited, Toyota has provided a tantalizing array of information and a series of digital renderings to provide a clearer picture of the vehicle.

Specifically, the Land Cruiser Se boasts dimensions of 202.8 inches in length, 78.3 inches in width, 67.1 inches in height, and a wheelbase of 120.1 inches, presenting nearly eight additional inches between its axles compared to the new production model.

According to Toyota, the LC Se is a unibody vehicle with the capacity to accommodate seven passengers across three rows of seats. While specific powertrain details remain undisclosed, the concept promises a “high-torque driving experience,” hinting at the likelihood of a dual electric motor system enabling all-wheel drive – a feature befitting the Land Cruiser’s robust reputation.

Notably, the press release highlights the concept’s proficiency in handling challenging terrain, indicating its capability beyond standard paved roadways.

Despite the scarcity of additional information surrounding the Toyota Land Cruiser Se concept, its distinctively boxy design exudes a magnetic appeal, noticeably setting it apart from the brand’s current production models.

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